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Damage-dependent regulation of MUS81-EME1 by Fanconi anemia ...


Oct 28, 2013 ... Co-expression of the hexahistidine-tagged EME1 and non-tagged MUS81 ..... MUS81-EME1-mediated incision of ICL damage versus undamaged DNA. .... Knipscheer P, Raschle M, Smogorzewska A, Enoiu M, Ho TV, Scharer OD, Elledge SJ, ..... Burgess-Brown NA, Swift LP, Enzlin JH, Schofield CJ, et al.

Simulating high-redshift galaxies


CO] 12 Jan 2011. Mon. Not. ... them has an extinction larger than E(B − V )=0.01. ... magnification lenses (Schaerer & Pelló 2005; Richard et al. 2008 ... (100% at z > 7.5) allow a z < 2 interloper solution. .... transport of six different metal species, namely: C, O, Mg, ...... up to ∼ 5% of all GRBs detected by the Swift sat...

Curriculum Vitae - Tom Abel


Ji-Hoon Kim, Tom Abel, Oscar Agertz, et al. ... Greg Bryan, Michael L. Norman, Brian O'Shea, Tom Abel (+24 co-authors) 2013, Enzo: An Adaptive Mesh.

ESO - abs-oral


For high-precision abundance studies of faint objects (mV < 11<sup>m</sup>, e.g. metal-poor stars, .... Monin, Malbet, Menard, Mouillet, Bouvier, Beuzit et al. .... Now, successful radial velocity surveys are conducted as well as observations of planet transit. .... REM has been designed as the NIR complement to the SWIFT observatory, ...

Curriculum Vitae - Stanford University


Aug 16, 2012 ... Ji-Hoon Kim, Tom Abel, Oscar Agertz, et al. ... Greg Bryan, Michael L. Norman, Brian O'Shea, Tom Abel (+24 co-authors) 2013, Enzo: An ...

Thomas K. Rockwell


Structure and Quaternary faulting about the eastern terminus of the Agua ... The neotectonic history of the Johnson Valley fault, San Bernardino County, .... Fault hazard characterization for a transportation tunnel project in Coronado, California . .... fault near El Paso peaks, California: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 108  ...

Proceedings | Western Snow Conference


The WSC proceedings can be searched by clicking on the "Search" link just below "Proceedings". To search by author, year, keyword, etc., click on "Show only ...

fulltext - DiVA


about physics, great company and late night discussions, as well as great parties. ... v. Acknowledgments vii. Contents ix. I Introduction and background material .... ellan/U.Arizona/D.Clowe et al.; Lensing Map: NASA/STScI; ESO WFI; Magel- ..... the opacity and makes energy transport out of the core less efficient, increasing ...

personal 2011 - Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik


Dr. R. McCray, University of Colorado (USA), ... Dr. V. Tsytovich, Russian Academy of Sciences, ..... Swift. Burlon, Greiner, Rau, Schady. XMM-Newton. Boller, Brunner, Brusa, Dennerl, Freyberg, Haberl, .... with the LBT and other large telescopes, Tucson, AZ, .... Ade, P.A.R., N. Aghanim, M. Arnaud, ..., J. Weller , et al.:.

Twm December 2015 by Alex M Roman - issuu


Dec 11, 2015 ... The aggressive geometry of the Top Fuel al- ... R E D A C E OR G A N I C BE E T JU I C E $ 4 5 ( 1 2 ... has been proven to improve your blood's ability to transport oxygen .... with Jeremy McGrath's input and the California company's signature style. .... HUSQVARNA FC 450 V S. K AWA S AK I K X450F VS.

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Population III. 1 and III. 2 gamma-Ray Bursts: Constraints on the ...


CO] 12 Aug 2011 .... a z = 8.6 galaxy (Lehnert et al. 2010), GRB ... tional to the star formation rate (Totani 1997; Ishida et al. 2011). ... Ωobs are 1.4, 2, 4, and 5 for Swift, SVOM, JANUS, and ... (Schaerer 2002). .... element transport by outflows, Pop III star formation ..... Mackey, J., Bromm, V., & Hernquist, L. 2003, ApJ, 5...

The first galaxies: assembly, cooling and the onset of turbulence


2003; Frebel, Johnson & Bromm 2007; Jappsen et al. ... The final ingredient of early galaxy formation is the co-evolution of massive ..... 5.1 The development of turbulence: hot versus cold accretion One of the .... just after the formation of the BH could transport enough cold gas to its centre to .... Arizona Press, Tucson, p.

Assessment of Avalanche Mitigation Planning for ... - ScholarWorks


mitigation plans from 24 jurisdictions in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and ..... Quality Score Comparison: Counties with 10+ Avalanche Related Fatalities vs. ... to assess flood, fire, and drought mitigation within six Arizona counties. Fu et al. ..... swift motion down a mountainside or precipice (McClung and Schaerer 2006;  .....