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The Schrödinger equation is a diffusion equation, the ... laws – the wave equation for mechanical vibrations on ...

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The Schrödinger equation is the fundamental equation of physics for describing quantum mechanical behavior. It is also often called the Schrödinger wave ...

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The Schrodinger equation gives the quantized energies of the system and gives the form of the wavefunction so that other properties may be calculated.

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Schrodinger was the first person to write down such a wave equation. Much discussion then centred on what the equation meant. The eigenvalues of the wave ...

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Aug 2, 2012 ... Schrödinger's equation is named after Erwin Schrödinger, 1887-1961. ... But in 1905 Einstein realised that the wave picture wasn't entirely ...

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In 1926, Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger reasoned that if electrons behave as waves, then it should be possible to describe them using a wave equation, ...

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Dec 20, 2012 ... Decided to make a video to help me revise for the exams in January. It was quite fun and I know I've made some mistakes, but I'm going to put ...
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Jan 19, 2012 ... A basic derivation, in one dimension, of the Schrodinger Equations. I assume ... However, Schrodinger Equation is valid for all wave function.
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Essentially a wave equation, the Schrödinger equation describes the form of the probability waves (or wave functions [see de Broglie wave]) that govern the ...

Schrödinger equation
the wave equation of nonrelativistic quantum mechanics.
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