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It is a challenge for scientists and philosophers to define life. ... Any definition must be general enough to both encompass all known ...


Definitions tell us about the meanings of words in our language, as opposed to telling us about the nature of the world. In the case of life, scientists are interested  ...


Jan 15, 2017 ... Life. Home » Life. Definition. noun, plural: lives. noun, plural: lives ... Despite of the irresolute answer for questions about life, the basic ...


Apr 24, 2017 ... But this is life as a whole. More than 99.9 percent of species that have ever lived are extinct. The several branches of science that reveal the ...


In the intro to biology video, we defined biology as the branch of science concerned with the study of living things, or organisms. That definition is pretty ...


But the NASA definition-theory of life says: never mind. ... This is scientific pragmatism.


Define life: the ability to grow, change, etc., that separates plants and animals from things like water or rocks — life in ... 19 capitalized, Christian Science : god 1b.


Life science definition, any science that deals with living organisms, their life processes, and their interrelationships, as biology, medicine, or ecology. See more.


Life definition, the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic ... The life of the car may be ten years. ..... The American Heritage® Science Dictionary


Define life science: an area of science that deals with living things and life processes.