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The culture of Scotland refers to the patterns of human activity and symbolism associated with .... It also contributed to a tradition of Scottish landscape painting that focused on the Highlands, formulated by figures including Alexander Nasmyth.


A comprehensive information guide to life and culture in Scotland from the OFFICIAL online gateway to Scotland website.


Learn about Scottish culture and traditions with information about clans and their tartans, the Highland Gaelic culture, food and drink and other aspects of ...


There are so many Scottish customs and traditions that we can only touch the surface here. But people from all four corners of the globe know that we are nation ...


Like most cultures, many of the traditions in Scotland's culture revolve around its extensive history. Food and music play a big part of traditional celebrations, ...


Scotland's culture is based on a colorful, vibrant history. Today, ancient and modern is blended into traditions that you can reach out and touch. Magic.


Scottish people have a reputation for warmth and friendliness. Scotland is a richly diverse country with many different cultures living in harmony.


Scotland's culture is rich and vibrant, dominated by bagpipes, highland dancing, tartans, sport, poetry and festivals such as Hogmanay and the Edinburgh ...


Those images were incorporated into Scotland's modern martial traditions through the Highland regiments in the British Army. A third strain emphasizes Lowland ...


Scottish Kilts: “The National Dress of Scotland” Scottish kilts became prevalent in the 1720s when the British military adopted them as their formal attire; however ...