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Seafood dishes - Wikipedia


Seafood dishes or fish dishes are distinct food dishes which use seafood (fish, shellfish or ... As with other food dishes, there can be a high level of culinary mythology concerning regional claims...

China's 8 Great Regional Cuisines — 8 Culinary Classics


Shandong Cuisine: fresh and salty with a lot of seafood dishes. ... for great seafood and soups and the precise use of scintillating but not tongue numbing spices.

The Seven Regions of Mexican Cuisine


The region's distinctive cooking technique is expertly grilled beef, and the most ... surf-battered headlands, and seafood dominates the region's cuisine and is ... ingredients used in this area's cooking, such as tropical fruits, are not grown here.

The Complete Guide to Japanese Regional Cuisine | FluentU ...


Learn about Japanese culture through regional cuisine! ... Fresh and affordable, kani jiru is not a dish to be passed up by any seafood lover. Kani jiru are snow ...

Classic Foods of Maine | Maine Lobsters, Seafood Restaurants


Find information on classic foods, seafood and lobster restaurants in Maine. ... New England is blessed with many wonderful regional foods that are rooted in history, like ... If you're looking for crisp, light, and not-too-greasy fried seafood, this ...

Food in Greece - Greek Food, Greek Cuisine - traditional, popular ...


With its long coastline, Greece also relies heavily on fish and seafood. ... seafood. In contrast, the inland regions use more meat and cheese in their cooking. .... Thaw the bread dough according to directions on package, but do not allow to rise.

31 dishes: A guide to China's regional specialties - Travel


Mar 13, 2012 ... 31 dishes: A guide to China's regional specialties ... The dish: Fermented mandarin fish shares a pungency with blue cheese and stinky tofu, .... The dish: Not to be confused with the Taiwanese sanbeiji, this Jiangxi version is ...

Pacific Northwest Food | US Food (Cuisine) | Mmmerica - World Map


The Pacific Northwest is a region known for its seafood, and its healthy, fresh, ... of cuisine of the Pacific Northwest is its many types of seafood, caught fresh not ...

Italian Food: Cooking in Liguria | Made-In-Italy.com


The climate in this mountainous region is mild, perfect for growing vegetables, ... It is not only used for pasta, but can also be added to soups or rice dishes. ... Seafood plays a large role in Liguria cuisine, thanks to the proximity to the water.

Our Favourite New Zealand Food - Foods to try New Zealand | TNZ


Explore the flavours and textures of New Zealand foods everything from roast ... Seafood. With more than 14,000 kilometres of coastline, New Zealand is home to some amazing seafood. .... Wine regions and experiences → ... On mobile, tap the new window icon > Private; On desktop, open a new window that is not private.

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China's Regional Cuisines — Chinese Food Types North–South


Introducing Chinese regional cuisines from every corner of China, their flavors and ... Shandong cuisine features seafood ingredients and a variety of cooking techniques. ... Fresh produce from far away is generally not available in their areas.

Italian Regional Food: the North | Italy


Italian Regional Food: Risotto with wild mushrooms ... Pasta in the north is by no means non-existent, but it does have to share time with ... Seafood and shellfish are very popular on the coast, and rivers and streams provide carp and trout.

The Cultural Heritage of China :: Food & Drink :: Cuisine :: Regional ...


Cantonese cuisine (Chinese: 粵菜; Pinyin: yuè cài) originates from the region around ... In the Cantonese viewpoint, strong spices are added only to stale seafood to ... Not only do preserved foods have a longer shelf life, sometimes the dried ...