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Middle child syndrome is the feeling of exclusion by middle children This effect occurs because the first child is more prone to receive privileges and ...

Second child syndrome: Does number two get shafted? | Parenting


I am the second child in my family and always felt like I got plenty of attention but now that I have my own second child I am suddenly feeling…short shrifted.

Second Baby Syndrome is tragic | High Gloss and Sauce


Sep 6, 2011 ... Second Baby Syndrome affects a child's medical care. When the first baby falls off the bed, 911 is considered, Dr. Google is consulted, a call to ...

The Secret Powers of Middle Children | Psychology Today


Oct 18, 2012 ... Katrin Schumann, co-author of The Secret Power of Middle Children (link is ... other words, that they suffer from “Middle Child Syndrome.

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Parents should attempt to help each child to see themselves as unique individuals and avoid comparisons with siblings or others.The middle child often seems ...

The Middle Child Syndrome - EverydayFamily


There is a phenomenon often talked about, called the “Middle Child Syndrome,” which helps explain how birth order affects every aspect of a child's life.

The Obvious Signs This Is Your Second Child | Mother&Baby


Your firstborn was greeted like royalty. Your second? Er, not so much. It's not to say you're over it, you've just calmed down. And this is a good thing.

Middle Child Syndrome - Health Guidance


Whether you have a middle child, are a middle child, or know a middle child, everyone seems to understand that when it comes to placement in a family that's  ...

second child syndrome: The destructive power of another child can ...


Oct 21, 2012 ... The arrival of a second child – especially if they are born soon after the first ( which is often the case now that so many women are becoming ...

Second Child Syndrome | The Huffington Post


Aug 14, 2014 ... Victoria Wood does a joke about how with your first child you get a height chart and dutifully measure them at regular intervals, but with your ...

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Aug 4, 2016 ... The second child syndrome refers to certain characteristic behavioral traits that are developed by a second-born child, as a result of the ...

Urban Dictionary: Middle child syndrome


When a middle child - typically of a family of three kids who are close in age - feels left out or neglected. Because the bigger sibling is the fir...

Urban Dictionary: Second Child Syndrome


Aug 14, 2010 ... Second Child Syndrome. In a family of two children, the oldest child might appear to be perfect in every way to the parents, whereas the ...