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Middle child syndrome


Middle child syndrome is the feeling of exclusion by middle children (those with one younger and one older sibling). This effect occurs because the first child is ...

Urban Dictionary: Middle child syndrome

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When a middle child - typically of a family of three kids who are close in age - feels left out or neglected. Because the bigger sibling is the fir...

Second child syndrome: Does number two get shafted? | Parenting


I am the second child in my family and always felt like I got plenty of attention but now that I have my own second child I am suddenly feeling…short shrifted.

The Secret Powers of Middle Children | Psychology Today


Katrin Schumann, co-author of The Secret Power of Middle Children (link is ... they don't belong—in other words, that they suffer from “Middle Child Syndrome.

Second Child Syndrome - Buzzle


Mar 15, 2012 ... The second child syndrome refers to certain characteristic behavioral traits that are developed by a second-born child, as a result of the ...

second child syndrome: The destructive power of another child can ...


Oct 21, 2012 ... The arrival of a second child – especially if they are born soon after the first ( which is often the case now that so many women are becoming ...

The Middle Child Syndrome - Everyday Family


There is a phenomenon often talked about, called the “Middle Child Syndrome,” which helps explain how birth order affects every aspect of a child's life.

How real is middle child syndrome? - Mashable


Feb 8, 2015 ... Despite the challenges middle children may face, some of the suggested symptoms of middle child syndrome (MCS) might be slightly ...

Second Baby Syndrome is tragic | High Gloss and Sauce


Sep 6, 2011 ... Second Baby Syndrome affects a child's medical care. When the first baby falls off the bed, 911 is considered, Dr. Google is consulted, a call to ...

What are the effects of 'middle child syndrome'? - TODAY.com


Aug 14, 2006 ... When you've got three kids in a family, as a parent you're outnumbered and as a kid chances are you might get lost in the middle. But what ...

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Q: Is there such a thing as second child syndrome and if so what is ...
A: Middle Child Syndrome is when the middle or secon... Read More »
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Q: Is Islam a classic example of second child syndrome?
A: Yeah, they are like teens - they think everything is about them and they have tantrums when others don't see that. Christianity has its bad temper days too. Read More »
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Q: How Ed Miliband destroys the myth of 'second child syndrome'
A: The 'typical second child' is supposed to be more easygoing and less ambitious, but the Labour leadership election shows just how misplaced the stereotype can b... Read More »
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Q: Second-child syndrome: My older sister is better than me at life?
A: Oh man I totally feel you. I'm also a sophomore. I have two older sisters. The oldest one is super smart and was the most popular person ever. She goes to Colum... Read More »
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Q: What is the chance of having a second child with Down syndrome?
A: In general, it is estimated that the risk of having a second child with trisomy 21 or mosaic Down syndrome is about 1 in 100. The risk is higher if one parent i... Read More »
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