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Two geometrical objects are called similar if they both have the same shape, or one has the ... If two angles of a triangle have measures equal to the measures of two angles ... Two sides have lengths in the same ratio, and the angles included between ... Given a triangle △ABC and a line segment DE one can, with ruler and ...


Segments have the same length and angles have the same measure? ... The answer to, "Segments that have the same length" Is Congruent Segments! Edit.


This describes a triangle in which all of the angles are the same measure? ... What is it called when 2 angles and 2 line segments have the same measure?


Two line segments are congruent if they have the same length. ... So if two separate angles have measures of 30° and 23° for example, they are not congruent ...


The length of a line segment can be measured (unlike a line) because it has two endpoints. ... Two lines could have the same measure but still not be identical.


Line segments are congruent if they have the same length. However, they need not be parallel. They can be at any angle or orientation on the plane.


Triangles. A triangle is composed of three line segments. ... The sum of the measures of the angles is always 180° in a triangle. We have different types of ... The angles opposite to the two sides of the same length are congruent. figure63 ... Triangles that have congruent angles but not the same size are called similar. Similar ...


Sep 1, 2014 ... So, two figures are equal if they have the same points. ... I was taught to say two line segments or two angles are equal if they have the same measure. ... two figures are congruent if their corresponding parts are of the same measurement. Ex. If two segments have equal length, then they are congruent.


You know that two segments are congruent when you know that they both have the same numerical length or when you don't know their lengths but you figure ...