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10-109 - Selene RMOF REO Acquisition II LLC v. Vandiver&Kaufman LLC et al.


Jul 8, 2013 ... These results suggest that physical proximity favored the acquisition of ... cruise, leg M76/3b in West Africa, aboard the R/V Meteor (chief scientist: A. Boetius). ... most anterior part of the gill was stored for FISH as described in Duperron et al. ..... Vesicomyid symbionts form a tight clade in 16S rRNA-based ...


potential for nutritive metal acquisition from the water in addition to metal absorption from the diet (Bury et al., 2003). However, the ability of the gills to absorb ...


Received in revised form 22 July 2013. Accepted 24 July ... were not able to re- acquire their symbionts once moved back to “optimal” conditions. These results ... bacteria localized in specialized gill cells, the bacteriocytes (Herry et al.,. 1989 .... sequencer and the ABI BigDye Terminator v.3.1 sequencing kit. The result of the  ...


other lucinid host species as well (Gros et al., 1998;. 1999). ... et al.,. 1996). The free-living form of the C. orbicularis endosym- ... Diagram of the symbiont-bearing gill tissues in a freshly collected Codakia orbiculata adult individual. A. Clam with left ...... Kádár, E., Bettencourt, R., Costa, V., Santos, R.S., Lobo-da-. Cunha, A.