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A particular type of centration is egocentrism - literally, "self-centeredness." Piaget claimed that young children are egocentric, capable of contemplating the  ...

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too interested in yourself and not caring about the needs or feelings of other people. Take a 2-minute break to test your vocabulary. » ...

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concerned solely or chiefly with one's own interests, welfare, etc.; engrossed in self; selfish; egotistical. 2. independent, self-sufficient. 3. centered in oneself or ...

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Engrossed in oneself and one's own affairs; selfish. self′-cen′tered·ly adv. self ′-cen′tered·ness n. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, ...

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A self-centered person is excessively concerned with himself and his own needs. He's selfish. You probably know some people who always talk about ...

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Jan 9, 2008 ... It's no wonder why self-centeredness is typically viewed as the most unappealing personality trait in a potential friend or partner. Most of us ...

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The definition of self centered is someone who only thinks about himself, his own needs and his own interests, or is actions or behaviors taken by someone that ...

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Self Centered. 1. The asshole that won't offer a hand to anybody. Phillip: "Hey David?" David: "What do you want?" Phillip: "Can I borrow your camera?"

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Sep 29, 2011 ... Is there a difference between the meaning of selfish and self-centered? I have seen some using them identically. If there is a difference who ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is self-centeredness?
A: noun Concern only for oneself: egocentricity, egocentrism, egoism, egomania, self-absorption, self-involvement, selfishness. See self/other. Read More »
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Q: What rhymes with self-centeredness?
A: There are no perfect rhymes for this word. Read More »
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Q: What is the cure for self-centeredness?
A: Don't think about what anyone else thinks. LOL No seriously if you look at all the answers they are telling you to do things that ultimately mean working on YOU... Read More »
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Q: Is self centeredness criminal thinking?
A: Yeah, that's a tough one ed.taking it right down to the quik of the matter, is it illegal to stand by and watch a bus run down someone if you had the split seco... Read More »
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Q: What is the real meaning of self-centeredness?
A: Self-centeredness: Engrossed in oneself and one's own affairs; selfish. Concern for your own interests and welfare. Read More »
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