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One's self-concept is a collection of beliefs about oneself that includes elements such as academic performance, gender roles, sexuality, and racial identity.

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The term self-concept is a general term used to refer to how someone thinks about, evaluates or perceives themselves. To be aware of oneself is to have a ...

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Aug 31, 2016 ... Self-concept refers to the image with have of ourselves. Learn more about how self-concept develops and how it impacts various areas of our ...

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Self-concept definition, the idea or mental image one has of oneself and one's strengths, weaknesses, status, etc.; self-image. See more.

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The Self-Concept is derived from several factors including: certain personality traits, how you look, your personal values and life goals, and your place or role in  ...

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Define selfconcept: the idea that you have about the kind of person you are.

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Jun 14, 2015 ... Self-concept encompasses all that you know about your self. We'll focus on the two broad categories of self-concept - ideal or imagined self ...

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The Self-Concept Theory is a significant knowledge explaining self-concept's nature of being learned, organized and dynamic.

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Everything begins and ends with you. How you view yourself, or your self- concept, is how you will experience life.

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Define and describe the self-concept, its influence on information processing, ... Describe the concepts of self-complexity and self-concept clarity, and explain ...