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Self-diagnosis is the process of diagnosing, or identifying, medical conditions in oneself. It may be assisted by medical dictionaries, books, resources on the ...

Symptom Checker from WebMD. Check Your Medical Symptoms.


It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore ... WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Symptom Checker | The one the doctors use


For the first time, it gives you access to a highly sophisticated medical diagnosis tool that is much more powerful than previously available symptom checkers.

Issues and Dangers of Self-Diagnosis | Dual Diagnosis


Learn how exactly self-diagnosis is dangerous and better choices for diagnoses here. If you are struggling with mental health concerns, we want to help you.

Self-diagnosis on the internet - a cure for all ills? | Doctor Sarah ...


New statistics suggest that one in five of us is self-diagnosing rather than seeing a doctor - and while some of that is down to well publicised shortages of GPs ...

The Dangers of Using Google to Self-Diagnose - Women's Health


May 29, 2015 ... The Dangers of Using Google to Self-Diagnose. You might think you're saving your life by searching the web for answers—but you could be ...

Self-diagnosis on Internet not always good practice | Harvard Gazette


Jul 8, 2015 ... Self-diagnosis on Internet not always good practice. Web-based symptom checkers may get it wrong, but sometimes they can help guide ...

Self-diagnosis | Define Self-diagnosis at Dictionary.com


Self-diagnosis definition, the diagnosis of one's own malady or illness. See more.

Self-diagnostic | Define Self-diagnostic at Dictionary.com


Self-diagnostic definition, the diagnosis of one's own malady or illness. See more .

Self Diagnosis Pitfalls - RightDiagnosis.com


Self diagnosis is a dangerous practice. In fact, it is one of the most likely ways to get a misdiagnosis, which is the one thing we want to avoid. We recommend you  ...

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The Dangers of Self Diagnosis | Psychology Today


Self diagnosis can lead to misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis, underdiagnosis, overdiagnosis or a disrupted doctor-patient relationship. Here we look briefly into  ...

Search by Symptom - FamilyDoctor.org


Our symptom checker flowcharts allow you to easily track your symptoms and come to a possible diagnosis. Remember, be sure to consult with you doctor if you ...

Google will help your self-diagnosis with new symptom search | The ...


5 days ago ... Typing in simple symptoms like "headache" will show a general description of your problem, options for self-treatment, and suggestions on ...