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Self-harm (SH), also known as self-injury, is defined as the intentional, direct injuring of body .... The term self-mutilation is also sometimes used, although this phrase evokes connotations that ...

Self Harm - Self Mutilation - Self Injury - Mental Health America


Get help for self harm, mutilation or injury through Mental Health America.

Overview - Self-injury/cutting - Mayo Clinic


Dec 9, 2015 ... Nonsuicidal self-injury, often simply called self-injury, is the act of deliberately harming the surface of your own body, such as cutting or burning ...

Understanding Compulsive Self-Mutilation


Jan 5, 2013 ... Following are some of the most common: Cutting: Although alarming to others, individuals who engage in this type of compulsive self-mutilation ...

Self-Inflicted Injury Prevention, Children Ages 10 to 19 Years


Self-inflicted injuries. such as cutting, burning, and pinching, are the second leading cause of hospitalizations due to injury for children ages 15 to 19 years.

What Drives Self-Injury and How to Treat It | Child Mind Institute


When a girl develops a habit of cutting her arms it might look like suicidal behavior, but it actually isn't. People who self-injure aren't trying to kill themselves , they ...

Self-Mutilation, Eating Disorders, and Suicide | Psychology Today


Nov 12, 2014 ... From eating disorders to self- mutilation and body modifications such as tattooing , I explore the language of self-harm, and the translation of ...

How Pain Can Make You Feel Better - Scientific American


Several studies support the claim that self-inflicted pain can lead to feeling better. ... moderate self-injury (e.g., cutting the skin) rather than severe self-injury (e.g., ...

Conquering Cutting and Other Forms of Self-Injury | Focus on the ...


Before my college roommate started cutting her arms with a razor blade, I'd never even heard of self-mutilation. The frightening introductions came after I ...

Cutting - KidsHealth


People may cut themselves on their wrists, arms, legs, or bellies. Some people self-injure by burning their skin with the end of a cigarette or lighted match.

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What Is Self-Injury Disorder? - WebMD


Self injury, also called self-harm, self-mutilation, or simply cutting, is defined as any intentional injury to one's own body. Usually, self-injury leaves marks or ...

Self Mutilation - Symptoms, Signs and Side Effects of Self-Harming ...


Self-mutilation is the act of deliberately injuring one's own body. Self-mutilation, also referred to as self-harming, self-injury, self-inflicted violence or cutting, is a ...

Cutting and Self-Harm: How to Feel Better without Hurting Yourself


If you want to stop cutting or self-harming but don't know how, remember this: you deserve to feel better, and you can get there without hurting yourself.