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I have created this survey to find out more about the statistics of those who self- harm. As a person who struggles with self harm myself I am just interested.

Cutters: Self-Abuse Quiz | HowStuffWorks


This cutters self abuse quiz will test you on your knowledge of this disorder. See how much you know about cutters in this quiz from Discovery Health.

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www.quotev.com/quizzes/Self Harm?v=users

Browse through popular harm quizzes; or create your own.

Self harm Quizzes, Lists and Polls | PlayBuzz


So you like Self harm? ... 15 Common Misconceptions About Self-Injury Debunked ... It's time to set the record straight about self-harm and help those suffering ...

Am I Emo? the quizz - GoToQuiz.com


Comments | Report Quiz ... Emo's are awesome, well i say that because i AM emo and i scored 100% on most quizzes, so be emo ... i self harm cos im hardcore.

Borderline Personality Test - Psych Central


I've engaged in self-mutilating, self-harm, or suicidal behaviors, gestures or threats. Strongly disagree. Disagree ... More Quizzes ». Last reviewed: By John M .

What self-mutilation emotion sequence are you? - ZENHEX.COM ...


This quiz has been visited 31188 times overall. 9835 times this week. » Quiz Portal. » View All Quizzes ... Quiz Categories · Personality/Emotion · Music

Self Injury Test - HealthyPlace


Aug 24, 2012 ... Take this self injury test. Examine your mind and why you feel the need to self- injure. This self-harm quiz could be very helpful to you.

Depression Quiz - HealthyPlace


Depression quiz identifies symptoms of depression and helps determine if you need treatment. Take online depression quiz now. Instantly scored.

Meet The Girl Behind One Of Tumblr's Biggest Self-Harm Blogs ...


Jun 13, 2013 ... Tumblr bans users that promote suicide, self-injury, and eating disorders. But they are all over. One teenage creator explains to BuzzFeed...

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Self harm Quiz | MobieG


Quiz: Self Harm Quiz. Do you have a problem with self-harm? The quiz is only a guideline. Please select YES or NO on each question. Your Name: Start Quiz!

Self Injury Quiz - In The Know Zone


Self Injury Quiz. Please fill in a value for the following field(s): Which of the following is NOT an element of Self-Injury (SI)? Deliberate intent. Repetition

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Browse through popular harm quizzes, stories, and other creations; or create your own.