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Sentence (linguistics)


A sentence is a linguistic unit consisting of one or more words that are grammatically linked. A sentence can include words grouped meaningfully to express a statement, question, exclamation, reques...

Use complete in a sentence | complete sentence examples


How to use complete in a sentence. Example sentences with the word complete. complete example sentences.

What is a complete sentence?

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The aim in writing is always to write in complete sentences which are correctly ... A complete sentence always contains a verb, expresses a complete idea and ...

Complete Sentence: Examples & Definition - Video & Lesson ...


Jun 14, 2015 ... Although it seems simple, writing in complete sentences is a necessity that can trip up even seasoned writers. In this lesson, we will examine ...

How to Form Complete Sentences - For Dummies


As any English grammar teacher will tell you, a complete sentence has at least one subject-verb pair. They're a pair because they match. They match because ...

Writer's Web: Sentence Fragments And Complete Sentences


Sentence Fragments And Complete Sentences Writer's Web (printable version here). Thanks go to Julie for the correction about conjunctions! Fragments, or ...

English Grammar 101 - Sentence Parts, Lesson 5: Complete ...


Definition: A sentence can be divided into two halves: the complete subject and the complete predicate. The complete subject is made up of all the words that tell  ...

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What is a complete sentence? A complete sentence is not merely a group of words with a capital letter at the beginning and a period or question mark at the end.

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What is a sentence? A sentence is a group of words that... ~tells a complete thought. ~tells who or what the sentence is about. ~tells what happened. ~begins  ...



A fragment is a sentence which is not complete, and therefore not grammatically correct. Sentence fragments are problematic because they are disjointed and ...

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Grammar Bytes! :: The Complete Sentence


A complete sentence = subject + verb + complete thought.

IXL - Is it a complete sentence or a fragment? (5th grade language ...


Fun language arts practice! Improve your skills with free problems in 'Is it a complete sentence or a fragment?' and thousands of other practice lessons.

Step 1: Make a complete sentence


Step 1. Make a complete sentence. Before we can get to the problems with coherence and how to fix them, you need to realize that it is sentences that serve as ...