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separate but equal
pertaining to a racial policy, formerly practiced in some parts of the United States, by which black people could be segregated if granted equal opportunities and facilities, as for education, transportation, or jobs.
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Separate but equal


Separate but equal was a legal doctrine in United States constitutional law that justified and permitted racial segregation as not being in breach of the Fourteenth  ...

Separate but Equal - Separate Is Not Equal


Promise of Freedom · White Only · Separate but Equal · The Supreme Court · The Battleground · Legal Campaign · Five Communities Change a Nation.

Separate but Equal: Segregation in the Public Schools


This page includes materials relating to the constiutionality of public education segregated on the basis of race or sex.

Separate But Equal (TV Movie 1991) - IMDb


Directed by George Stevens Jr.. With Sidney Poitier, Burt Lancaster, Richard Kiley, Cleavon Little. A dramatization of the American court case that destroyed the ...

Separate But Equal: The Plessy v. Ferguson - History Matters


In 1887, Florida passed the first law requiring railways to provide “equal but separate accommodations for the white, and colored, races,” and Mississippi, Texas, ...

Separate But Equal - Boundless


Learn more about separate but equal in the Boundless open textbook.

Plessy v. Ferguson - PBS


Plessy could easily pass for white but under Louisiana law, he was considered ... The "separate but equal" doctrine was quickly extended to cover many areas of ...

ACLU History: The Beginning of the End of 'Separate but Equal ...


Board of Education, the 1954 landmark Supreme Court decision that struck down the doctrine of 'separate but equal' and ordered an end to school segregation.

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pertaining to a racial policy, formerly practiced in some parts of the United States, by which black people could be segregated if granted equal opportunities and ...

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A: Answer That phrase was used during the period of segregation in the United States, to indicate that black and white people were separated (separate restaurants,... Read More »
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Q: What is the separate but equal doctrine?
A: The separate but equal doctrine has been propounded for much longer, and applied to more categories, than most people think. Expressed in general terms, it says... Read More »
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A: First, it's WRONG to force people into roles. People should have FREEDOM. Second, it's empirically false that men and women are different. We are the same speci... Read More »
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