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Kagome SesshoMaru's Mate is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant ... Kagome accidentally 'kills' Kikyou and Inu Yasha turns his back on her. .... But she is saved by a certian Taiyoukai who takes her away Will Kagome be able to ...


Aug 16, 2003 ... 'He does have a point but no matter, she is my soon-to-be mate, even if she ... Sesshomaru placed Kagome his side, turned towards him, and ...


Dec 27, 2008 ... Kagome finds herself in the middle of a bloody contest open to all female ... think they have what it takes to become Sesshomaru's mate, but only one ... She had hoped Inuyasha would be here to take the heavy pack upon his ...


Nov 5, 2003 ... Inuyasha left Kagome alone in the woods and she runs into none other ... Kagome glanced to see his foot planted firmly on her stomach, ... was concerned, Sesshomaru would take care of the miko as he had taken care of her.


Jul 18, 2008 ... Sesshomaru has decided to take a mate. ... A/N: This is my first fanfic with Kagome/Sesshomaru… so please be kind. ... His honor demanded he shouldn't watch but this was his future mate, it was his right to watch over her ...


Sesshomaru takes an interest in this since neither him nor the hanyou could do ... Kagome" Sesshomaru said holding her in his arms, his mate, his love, forever.


Jul 20, 2010 ... Lord Sesshomaru wants sweet Kagome to be his mate for awhile now .... Inuyasha and the gang took off hoping that their friend was alright.


Apr 28, 2007 ... Kagome takes a walk only to find herself, literaly, bump into a .... wiped her delicious blood from his chin and smiled. She was perfect. Mate.


The miko...this Kagome...she must be The Mother foretold in the prophesy.' Standing Sesshoumaru moved to look out over his gardens and caught sight of his ... He allowed himself a moment to take notice that she needed new clothes, as she ... When the time comes to mate her if she will not submit to my youki during the ...


Sesshomaru watched as a girl that seemed to be an angel played with her adopted kit. ... Kagome. His beast had chosen her for their mate and he had to aree she ... angel-dog demoness. sesshomau replied as he took kagome into his arms.