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Postcolonial literature is the literature of countries that were colonised by (mainly) European ... theory also speaks to migration literature in non-colonial settings. ... He is one of the most imp...

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it offers a way for writers to depict their own cultures authentically ... Setting is particularly important in postcolonial African fiction because why? many post ...

Postcolonial Literature


It is also important to understand that not all postcolonial scholars are literary ... " postcolonial" writers often move to England or North America (because they ...

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Because of the importance of books to history, and because of their ... Writing an autobiographical novel is the step he decides to take, and the book's .... The leading power of books in colonial settings is to subjugate the colonized cultures.



Turning to narratology, I find little more than references to stage-setting, ... But for the postcolonial writer it is the transformative effect of intertextuality that is of significance. ..... You are free to do it and I am free to let you because look, look. ... importance of Benveniste's thought that deixis, not reference, is th...

On Dambudzo Marechera: The Life and Times of an African Writer ...


Dec 19, 2005 ... His shoe had a big hole in the sole because, he said, he had been hitchhiking. .... that had become the predominant concern of early post-colonial African fiction. ... then Julia—the bar then becomes the immediate, concrete setting of the ... to make of Marechera one of the most important writers out of Africa.

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Sep 23, 2016 ... When we talk about 'world writing', what exactly does that mean? ... Postcolonial literature and criticism tends to be much more political in ... It may look confusing because my title here, Professor of World .... even when the story had an American origin or setting, as with Tope Folarin's winning story in...

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Travel writing, one may argue, is the most socially important of all literary genres. ... travelogue is a genre not easily demarcated'.<sup>6</sup> This is in part because, 'As far as its .... and fictional) are interlinked, sharing motifs, themes, settings and techniques. .... Postcolonial and other theories demonstrate that 'The bigg...

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This is not just because 'post-colonial' means different things to different ... great writing in English, post-colonial literature questions the importance of both. ' Britishness' and .... Furthermore, the setting and scope of much post-colonial writing is ...

Holders of the Word: An Interview with Bharati Mukherjee


Because of their concerns, seasoned and aspiring scholars alike turn to her work to ... In the third section of the interview, "The Politics of New Immigrant Writing," ..... would all be considered both important postcolonial scholars and writers. ..... urban Indian settings, sexuality becomes the mode of resistance or a way t...

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Jul 27, 2016 ... A simple setting, but one that pulls readers in, makes them want to be ... Not because of the character or the plot—too early for those to come ...

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Because setting is the stage for your story and immerses readers in your fictional ... This is particularly important if you are setting your novel in a real place.

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Post-colonial literature is a synthesis of protest and imitation. .... contemporary African has been born into a cultural setting which is a blend of the .... hinting at when he said: "I'm an Igbo writer, because this is my basic culture; Nigerian, African ... have been divided over everyday issues of central importance, and h...