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Every child has at least seven ways of being smart or seven intelligences. Each way is important. Your child may be stronger in some ways than in others.

seven ways to be smart - University of Missouri

extension.missouri.edu/marion/documents/HES Docs/MultipleIntelligences_SFN.pdf

Did you know that there are seven different ways we can consider ourselves and our children to be smart? First of all when people start discussing intelligence ...

Seven Ways for Young Children to Be Smart | Education.com


Jul 26, 2007 ... Each of us is smart in all seven ways. Here's how to recognize these multiple intelligences.

I'm in my 40s and only have $40,000 to invest. Where and what ...


You'll get a common response to your question: low risk = low return. Here's a different ... Real estate is one of the best ways to leverage yet relatively less risky than leveraged stock trading. That is, if you use $40k as 20% down, you can buy a ...

I Have $40,000 and I Don't Know Where to Start... - BiggerPockets


Nov 12, 2014 ... Invest with $40,000 ... You are a pretty smart cookie… ... There are many ways to play the game of real estate investing, and there are many ...

3 plans for investing $40,000 inheritance - Bankrate.com


Oct 20, 2009 ... A couple with $40000 left from an inheritance should choose one of three ways to spend the money.

28 Ways to Cheat on a Test Using School Supplies - wikiHow


How to Cheat on a Test Using School Supplies. ... If you're taking a test that involves scratch paper, write down some notes on a notebook piece of paper and  ...

4 Ways to Cheat On a Test - wikiHow


Don't get caught. Cheating only helps if you can get away with it. Here are some simple tips to avoid getting caught: Don't look suspicious. It's important to strike ...

The most elaborate ways to cheat in your exams - The Tab


May 9, 2014 ... Forget writing on your hand, here are some alternative, foolproof ways to sneak some notes into your exams. Yeah, yeah, I know. “If you cheat ...

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