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A shadow person is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other e...

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Who Are Shadow People? Shadow people are dark, human shapes typically seen moving at night and the most common form of ghosts that people witness.

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Superstitions surround shadow ghost sightings as people tend to believe they are always 'evil.' Because shadow ghosts are dark in color or even black, western  ...

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A ghost? Or was it something that seems to be a spreading phenomenon - apparitions that are coming to be known as "shadow people" or "shadow beings.

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One major difference between recorded cases of 'Shadow People' and 'ghosts' is that whereas ghosts usually haunt one particular location and somehow ...

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There are "hatted" shadow beings, hooded shadows, cloaked ones, and solid or wispy, ... Originally, I believed the shadow people to be ghosts, but the stories ...

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Sep 4, 2012 ... Shadow people what are they ? Fascinating insight into this supernatural shadow -like humanoid figures.With real video footage you must see ...

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What I mean about these Shadow People is that there are two circumstances, one where ghosts cannot manifest enough energy to make a ...

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Reports of shadow people are in many respects different from accounts of ghosts. Ghosts are said to be the disembodied spirits of deceased people and are ...

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Shadow people are dark, shadowy figures that you see. Unlike ghosts, where you typically don't see clothing and outlines, shadow people are just dark, deep ...