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Many methamphetamine addicts report hallucinations of "shadow people", as a result ... shadowy creatures have long been a staple of folklore and ghost stories.

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A ghost? Or was it something that seems to be a spreading phenomenon - apparitions that are coming to be known as "shadow people" or "shadow beings.

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Who Are Shadow People? Shadow people are dark, human shapes typically seen moving at night and the most common form of ghosts that people witness.

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Jan 23, 2016 ... Originally, I believed the shadow people to be ghosts, but the stories received, read, compiled and uploaded are more convincing that shadows ...

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These shadow people or shadow figures typically move very quickly and are not .... Manchester Paranormal Investigations concentrates on spirits and ghosts.

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Is there a difference between Shadow Beings and ghosts? Those who ... Just to be confusing, Shadow Beings are not necessarily people-shaped. Along with ...

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But, most paranormal researchers do agree on one aspect: Shadow People are not human entities. We don't believe they're ghosts. Don't believe they're ...

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Shadow people are dark, shadowy figures that you see. Unlike ghosts, where you typically don't see clothing and outlines, shadow people are just dark, deep ...

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Shadow PeopleGhost/spirit like person that looks like a black shadow, but you can not see through it. Characteristics of a Shadow Person: Male-like though ...

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Reports of shadow people are in many respects different from accounts of ghosts. Ghosts are said to be the disembodied spirits of deceased people and are ...

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Q: Shadow people/ghosts?
A: These are spirits that perhaps are looking over the children, and they both look different because they are in different stages of manifestation, and why someti... Read More »
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Q: What are shadow people/ghosts/spirit things ?
A: You will get a lot of answers about shadow people, ghost/spirits are people who have died but have for whatever reason chosen not to or are unable to move on. B... Read More »
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Q: Shadow people (ghosts) does anyone know about these?
A: Shadow people are supposedly manifestations of demons. They are also called shades. The dead who are in Sheol, a place beneath the earth's surface where people ... Read More »
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Q: Shadow people (ghost, light, vision, spirits).
A: Quote: Originally Posted by. Ming Ming. My husband and I had an experience a few years back. I was downstairs and he was upstairs and I was packing my hospital ... Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between shadow people and ghost?
A: Ghosts are the spirits of of people that have left the body, which have been known to take on the appearance of people, orbs, as well as mist. Ghosts tend to lo... Read More »
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