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How to Make Shake 'n Bake Chicken
**Start to Finish**: 50 minutes **Servings**: 6 to 8 **Difficulty Level**: Beginner Shake 'n Bake, introduced by Kraft foods in 1965, brought ease to making flavorful chicken and pork. Simply open up a box, dump the seasoning in a bag, shake your meat... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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No need to choose store-bought when you can easily make your own blend of flour and seasonings to 'shake and bake' your chicken.


Shake 'N Bake. pretzel. Crunchy Pretzel. chicken. Original Chicken. pork. Original Pork. crispy. Extra Crispy. Parmesan Crusted. glaze. BBQ Glaze. Ranch & ...


Kraft Shake 'n Bake Original Chicken Seasoned Coating Mix 9 oz. Box. Original Recipe Chicken. Kraft Shake 'n Bake Crunchy Pretzel Coating Mix 4.6 oz. Box.


Shake chicken or chops, 1 piece at a time, with 1 pkt. coating mix in shaker bag. Discard bag and any remaining coating mix.2. Bake on ungreased or ...


Kraft Shake 'n Bake Extra Crispy Seasoned Coating Mix 5 oz. Box · Kraft Shake 'n Bake Hot & Spicy Seasoned Coating Mix 4.75 oz. Box · Kraft Shake 'n Bake ...


Classic crispy shake n bake copycat recipe of the Kraft original. Perfect for pork chops and chicken legs, breasts and more. Bread crumbs, oil, salt, pepper,

Oct 31, 2014 ... You're confused? This video didn't tell us to take the oven mitts off before eating the chicken, nor did it tell us to use the proper eating utensils to ...


This CopyCat Shake 'N Bake Recipe is going to save you some $$'s. Season your pork or chicken with this do it yourself recipe for a fraction of the cost of store  ...


Sep 28, 2013 ... A homemade shake and bake mixture makes this skin get extra crunchy and tasty . ... My mom made her crunchy baked chicken by covering the chicken with crushed Rice .... Love that you made your own Shake N Bake.