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7 worst international aid ideas - Matador Network


Feb 20, 2012 ... And somewhere in Africa, an economy sighed in relief. Why was ... their manufacture locally, creating a stimulus to the local textile economy in the process. ... TOMS can be (and has been) broadly criticised for the same kinds of unintended ..... Would be interested to read your blog- could you share the link?

Why Millennials Are Struggling, Grannies Are Thriving, and What to ...


Oct 4, 2013 ... Worse yet, the problems young people face today likely won't be temporary. Entering the labor market in a bad economy can have pernicious ... Canada and South Korea spend roughly the same share of GDP as the U.S. on .... I disagree with your assumption that a college degree is better than a cert from ...

A black hole for our best and brightest | The Washington Post


Dec 16, 2014 ... Wall Street is expanding, and the economy is worse off for it. ... lending money to local governments, hospitals and nonprofits around the country. .... By the mid- 2000s, finance workers earned about 50 percent more than they ... you can either buy a better computer for the same price as your last one or you ...

Economist's View: International Trade


Oct 20, 2015 ... Thus rich Americans are made better off by the key forces of ... Tectonic economic changes such as those brought by globalization always have ... that would leave, at times significant groups of people, worse off. .... those who share your basic values matters more than it seemed to a couple of decades ago.

Wall Street Shares Wealth, for Better or Worse - NBC News


Mar 14, 2014 ... Wall Street Shares Wealth, for Better or Worse ... of their bonuses, then save or invest the rest, and about half the amount they spend is funneled into the local economy. ... Here's Your Black Friday, Weekend Plan of Attack ...

Karen Peterson - The News Tribune


Aug 30, 2015 ... We built a Sunday section we thought would appeal to those people. ... are hungry for more stories about how to live better in the local economy. ... Email our business editor at: debbie.cockrell@thenewstribune.com to share your thoughts. ... to the comics page, where it will replace For Better or For Worse.

Which party is best for the economy? It's not even close - Daily Kos


Sep 2, 2012 ... What are your favorite political slogans of all time? ..... The stock market does far better under Democrats. ..... to state and local governments, the GOP filibustered the bill in the Senate. ... That's because in spite of the GOP's bogus claims that " President Obama made the economy worse," the Romney...

Education: The Next Corporate Frontier | Common Dreams ...


Jul 14, 2015 ... Having worked in the environmental and new economy fields for the ... of rebuilding vibrant local economies and sustainable communities. ... This is what I thought was at the heart of the struggle for better education. .... three-quarters of them actually had the same or significantly worse ... Share This Article.

Amazon.com: For Better or For Worse: Vietnamese International ...


In For Better or For Worse, Hung Cam Thai takes a closer look at marriage and migration, ... wives, express a preference for men of the same ethnicity but with a more liberal outlook on ... For Better or For Worse: Vietnamese International Marriages in the New Global Economy. + .... Share your thoughts with other customers.

What Role Does Technology Play in Record Levels of Income ...


Oct 21, 2014 ... Income inequality hinders economic opportunity and innovation. ... worse since the last recession ended: the top 1 percent captured 95 percent ... As Piketty points out, it is a radical departure from how we have thought about progress. ..... poverty coexisting in the same society with extreme wealth immoral.

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Goodbye Middle Class: 51 Percent Of All American Workers Make ...


Oct 21, 2015 ... “If you've no debts and have $10 in your pocket you have more wealth than .... Illinois, in his opinion, doesn't yet have enough desperately poor ... Work everyday to achieve a better understanding of how society ... You want more of the same and worse? ...... Which then hurts the local economy even more.

10 Essential Economic Truths Liberals Need to Learn - Forbes


Jun 5, 2014 ... Here are the most important economic lessons for them to learn. ... claims to have created are only in place of other jobs the same money would have ... However, saving is as good for the economy as consumer spending (or better). ... Because the poor spend a higher percentage of their income, forcing up ...

Freakonomics » The Inefficiency of Local Food


Nov 14, 2011 ... But implicit in the argument that local farming is better for the .... However, your example is less an issue with the scale of agriculture than it is ... of the locavore movement, I simply ask that some thought be put into the implementation. .... Economies of scale in transportation are gigantic, and the costs you ...

Rich Kids Have It Better — and Poor Kids Worse — Than We Thought


Jul 24, 2015 ... The report, titled “Economic Mobility in the United States,” was written by David B. Grusky ... Share your thoughts with us below or on Facebook.

How the sharing economy could help repair our sense of community


Apr 20, 2015 ... Sixty-three percent thought the sharing economy was more fun, and 73 percent ... could boost local artisans and retailers by helping them share floor space with ... say, a city can collectively own its car-sharing network the same way the Green ... It can make society worse, or it can make it better, depending.