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Gill slits are individual openings to gills, i.e., multiple gill arches, which lack a single outer cover. Such gills are characteristic of cartilaginous fish such as sharks, ...

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Shark gills. Sharks have 5-7 pairs of gill slits located on the sides of their heads. They breathe through these gill slits.

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Super-Charged Gills and Blood. We all know that people need oxygen to live, but few of us understand why. The reason has to do with chemical properties of ...

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Just as bony fish, cartilaginous fish use gills to take up oxygen from the water. ... This kind of ventilation requires the shark to be in motion at all times, and is only ...

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Sharks are fish and, like other species of fish, use gills to breathe rather than lungs. There are usually between five and seven gill arches, each bearing one gill ...

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May 28, 2013 ... Actually, this tale isn't true for all shark species. Like other fish, sharks "breathe" through their gills, which are respiratory organs akin to our ...

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May 5, 2015 ... Does the hose shoved in the mouth really give you piece of mind that the shark is being cared for? Think again.

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Seven Gill Sharks - Notorynchus cepedianus. Photo by PSRF. DESCRIPTION. 7- gill sharks are distinguished by being the only shark species to have 7 gill slits.

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There's more differences between sharks and other fish than just their skeleton! ... covering their vulnerable gills, the gill slits of a shark are exposed and visible.

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Like bony fish, sharks breathe by extracting dissolved oxygen from water. The water enters the mouth, passes through the gills and is expelled through gill slits  ...