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Then she made me put on one of her g strings which had icy hot all on the inside. Then she gave me a hanging melvin wedgie untill it broke. She was so pissed ...

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... other two fliped me over and gave me a back wedgie up to my sholder blades, ... i had to wear the underwear that my mom accidentally turned pink when she ... we were messing about play fighting and I gave her a wedgie.

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Jan 5, 2016 ... clara gave her a wedgie x - watch this video, or you can download it here. ... 3 years ago 432 views. Prince - She Gave Her Angels. 02:06.

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This became her Halloween tradition, and it firmly held up every year as she ..... I then walked up behind her and gave her a wedgie and she screamed at the top ...

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Jul 27, 2008 ... Classically, he came to tell her she would bear the son of God. ... Thus, if Gabriel gave Mary a wedgie, it was because God wanted him to, and ...

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May 17, 2013 ... "She would take her out on the playground and call her names, and tell her she was a slob and tell her she dressed like a sleaze," Ally said.

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Jun 25, 2009 ... Then when they came over, they gave me a huge wedgie. ... cheer spankies. she gave me one of her old purple underwear she used to wear ...

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Jul 11, 2005 ... i once got a hanging frontal and regular wedgie at the same time i stepped ... as she sometimes did. but no, i saw him comeing i could see he was .... off i let her pull up her pants and suddenly gave her the noogie of a life time.

...Instead he pinned me down and gave me a wedgie.... (wife, girl ...


........the chair rocked back and fourth after she hopped from it, running to him. He holds her tight and she could not be a more happy woman ...

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Dec 26, 2015 ... He could easily give you a hanging wedgie without a hook with is size. .... Carol's attire in not her normal outfit, instead of a white tee shirt, she has on a white ... Amy then put her hand down the servant's pants and gave him a ...

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She has bullied me since I got into a grammar school last September. ... until I puked her friends giggled threw me down gave me a huge wedgie and sat on my  ...

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Her supervising teacher "Coach Jones," was also the head football coach and Athletic Director. ... him for updates, he gave wonderful reports of the work that she was doing. ... By the end of one particular activity she had a self made " wedgie.

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May 3, 2012 ... Yes, he gave me his mother a wedgie, and not just a little one but a full .... So I told the swamp donkey to sock it before I gave her a trunkey in ...