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List of sheep breeds


This is a list of domestic breeds of sheep. Domestic sheep (Ovis aries) are partially derived from mouflon (Ovis orientalis) stock, and have diverged sufficiently to ...

Sheep Breeds — Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science


Resource describing breeds of sheep ranging from common dairy, mutton, and fiber breeds to minor and very rare breeds. Presented by Oklahoma State ...

American Sheep Industry | Breed Directory


Barbados Blackbelly sheep, of predominantly West African origin, were imported from Barbados into the U.S. in the early 1900s. The breed was almost lost in the ...

Meat Sheep Breeds - RaisingSheep.net


While each of the meat sheep breeds listed below produces some wool, these breeds are primarily valued and raised for their meat production. These breeds of  ...

Heritage Sheep - The Livestock Conservancy


The long relationship between sheep and humans has led to the development of a large number of breeds. This diversity has allowed the species to meet a ...

Sheep Breed Photo's - Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Limited


Photo's of sheep breeds in Canada with links to descriptions and breeder info.

Jacob Sheep Breeders Association


The Jacob Sheep Breeders Association (JSBA) took over the work begun by the American Minor Breeds Conservancy , now known as the The Livestock ...

Guide to Sheep Breeds - Grit


Today, hundreds of sheep breeds exist, and they are good for everything from keeping brush down in the pasture to making delicious meat and milk and ...

Sheep Breeds | Vermont Sheep and Goat Association


The broad range of Vermont terrain and the differing interests of Vermont Shepherds lead to an amazing diversity of breeds in our flocks. The following is.

Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America: Home


Official site of the Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America.

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Sheep 101: Kinds of Sheep


Sep 21, 2015 ... Counting sheep. Sheep breeds. It is difficult to know how many breeds of sheep there are in the world, as only developed countries usually ...

Sheep Breeds | Learn about Breeds of Sheep - Raising Sheep


An informative resource listing more than 50 sheep breeds. Pictures of each breed of sheep are paired with information and a breed history.

10 most popular breeds of wool,meat and dairy sheep | The Self ...


Jan 21, 2014 ... It is the sheep breed, which remains popular for its quality wool. It produces a premium quality fine sheep fleece, which is highly demanded all ...