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Et Al and Et Ux: Two Latin Phrases You Need to Know - Amy ...


Jun 19, 2015 ... Finding a resource you want to dig into is a great feeling. It's even better when it has an index! But did you know that not all indexes include ...

Abnormal findings on magnetic resonance images of asymptomatic ...


Abnormal findings on magnetic resonance images of asymptomatic shoulders. Sher JS(1), Uribe JW, Posada A, Murphy BJ, Zlatkin MB. Author information:

Updating Cost-Effectiveness — The Curious Resilience of the ...


Aug 28, 2014 ... ATTENTION: NEJM.org will be in read-only mode from 11pm ET on Sunday ..... Lier, Allison Soprovich, Fatima Al Sayah, Weiyu Qiu, Sumit R. Majumdar. .... ( 2016) Cost comparison of heart transplant vs. left ventricular assist .... David J. Sher, Mary Jo Fidler, Roy B. Tishler, Kerstin Stenson, Samer al-Khudari.

Ethnic Names, Resumes, and Occupational stereotypes - Cornerstone


recognized. I would also like to thank Dr. Sherrise Truesdale-Moore for her unique perspectives ..... Cole et al. (2009) clarify how vital the perception of a resume is as the first step of the common .... Bushman and Bonacci (2004) note that individuals report ... Zayed v. Apple Computers (San Jose, CA, 2006 as cited in Malos,.

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Bougault V, Loubaki L, Joubert P, Turmel J, Couture C, et al. Airway remodeling ... Bourke JE, Li X, Foster SR, Wee E, Dagher H, Ziogas J, Harris T, Bonacci JV, Stewart AG. Collagen ...... Wenzel S, Ford L, Pearlman D, Spector S, Sher L et al.

1. Cordeiro et al. - RGO - Revista Gaúcha de Odontologia


RGO - Rev Gaúcha Odontol., Porto Alegre, v.60, n.2, p. 143-148, abr./jun., 2012 .... Zanettini5, Bonacci et al.16 and Koidis et al.17, who used a similar casuistic ..... Puri P, Diamond M, Solomowitz BH, Sher MR. Temporomandibular disorders in ...

Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders - Hindawi Publishing Corporation


Jun 4, 2013 ... ... of T-cell receptor and antibody V genes at the time of recombination [62]. ..... and A. Sher, “Functional diversity of helper T lymphocytes,” Nature, vol. 383 ..... R. Bonacci et al., “Relationship between breast cancer and thyroid ...

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due to alcohol-related risky sexual practices (Barta et al.,. 2008; Hendershot ..... behavior (Bagge & Sher, 2008; R.E. Mann, Zalcman, Rush,. Smart, & Rhodes ...

Unifying roles for regulatory T cells and inflammation in cancer


Rao et al.13 Various concentrations of 129 strain wt donor cells ..... Foxp3þ within tumor: p < 0.001; sham IgG (0 cells) vs. anti-TNF (5.4 6 1.34). ..... Caspar P, Letterio JJ, Cheever AW, Sher A. .... Giani C, Fierabracci P, Bonacci R, Gigliotti.

Should Social Aggression be Considered “Antisocial”? - Springer


Nov 30, 2011 ... Abstract. There is converging evidence that physical aggression and non- aggressive rule-breaking constitute meaningfully distinct, if somewhat ...

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e.g. / i.e. / et al. | Style for Students Online


It is important to use these abbreviations literally and to punctuate them correctly. Many writers confuse "e.g." and "i.e.," and many type "et al." improperly or do ...

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CD51 (Integrin alpha-V; ENSP0000261023) based on a structure of platelet membrane ... in the mid-gut of mosquitoes as a result of malaria infection (Hurd et al. ..... Chaussabel, D., Semnani, R.T., McDowell, M.A., Sacks, D., Sher, A., and Nutman, T.B. .... Ramos, A., Remedi, M.S., Sanchez, C., Bonacci, G., Vides, M.A., and ...

Mechanisms of Resolution of Inflammation - Arteriosclerosis ...


Maskrey et al ..... Rudolph TK, Rudolph V, Bonacci G, Baker PR, Xu HE, Batthyany CI, .... Arita M, Bianchini F, Aliberti J, Sher A, Chiang N, Hong S, Yang R,.