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What It Really Means if You Can Stay Friends with Your Ex - Mic


Mar 24, 2015 ... The data varies, but numerous surveys point to the fact that most of us don't stay friends with our exes post-breakup. Once something is over, ...

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3 Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Stay Friends ... If you want to be friends with an ex, this is another area where you'll need to consciously work to reconsider ...

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Jun 11, 2015 ... But, are there any instances where you can and should stay friends? Of course! Here's five reasons you and your ex should stay friends. 1.

What Really Determines If You'll Remain Friends With Your Ex


Jun 16, 2015 ... What Really Determines If You'll Remain Friends With Your Ex .... Overall, the benefits of remaining friends with your ex should constantly ...

Breathless: Should You Be Friends with Your Ex? - Vogue


Apr 22, 2015 ... I've never understood those couples who stay friends after a breakup. It just seems impossible to form something truly platonic with a person ...

The 10 Worst Reasons to Stay Friends With Your Ex | Psychology ...


May 20, 2014 ... Is staying friends with your ex a bad idea? It depends on why you're doing it.

Why You Shouldn't Remain Friends With An Ex | YourTango


3 Reasons Not To Remain Friends With Your Ex ... why I believe that the past is for learning and growing, rather than something you should drag into the future:.

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Jul 16, 2015 ... Is simply deleting someone the best, most effective way to move on and remove them from our lives? Or do we stay Facebook friends with an ex ...

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But when a romantic relationship is over, is it possible to remain friends? ... Remaining friends may ease the guilt, but if your ex still has feelings for you they may think you want to rekindle the .... The wedding vows every couple should make.

Can You Ever Be Friends With Your Ex? - AskMen


Feb 9, 2010 ... Some of us want to call our exes every day, while others simply want to throw the phone at them. Can former lovers remain friends?

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Q: How to Remain Friends With Exes.
A: 1. Break up gently with an eye on the future.At the end of any romantic relationship, there are invariably hard feelings. Someone got hurt, someone is angry; bu... Read More »
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Q: Should i remain friends with an ex?
A: Only you can decide what is best for you. If you are going to be friends you can't have any expectations of getting back together or get upset of him dating oth... Read More »
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Q: Should you remains friends with an ex lover?
A: It depends on what happened for you two to break up. If you cheated on him or her or vice versa, then no. Tension will be awkward. If you two just decided mutua... Read More »
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Q: If someone puts you on Limited Profile on Facebook, should you re...
A: Absolutely! All this says is that they don't know you well enough to share their  most personal moments with you, but they do consider you a friend enough to ke... Read More »
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Q: Is it OK to remain friends with your exes?
A: Nope, they are your ex for a reason. Remaining friends will only cause problems down the road. Read More »
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