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The Pros and Cons of Mandatory Gym Class in Public Schools ...


Leaders debate the pros and cons of mandatory gym classes in public schools. Learn more about the controversy and whether gym class should be a ...

Should Gym Be Required? - NYTimes.com


Aug 13, 1989 ... For school-age children, physical education is a necessity, not a frill. It should ... Yes, gym class should be mandatory; however, there should be ...

Debate: Should Phys Ed Be Mandatory? | Choices


Many schools are cutting phys ed programs. Is this a ... Should physical education be a mandatory class? ... —Mara Cobb, 17, a high school senior from KY ...

Should gym be a mandatory class in public schools? | Debate.org


Ball is Life. Al i do is ball. Ball is my life. Without gym i wouldnt have a life. Therefore illumnati is confirmed. Balls are my life. Everyone who disagrees with this is ...

Should P.E. be required in school? | Debate.org


Physical education classes should be mandatory in every school. Children and teenagers need necessary physical activity to be healthy and just all around not ...

Should physical education be mandatory? | Debate.org


Without physical education in school students would have trouble learning about other things such as math ... I believe that physical education should be mandatory in school. .... Should students in high school have a physical education class?

Should gym classes be mandatory in public schools? | Debate.org


Yes gym should be mandatory. For one thing I don't see how people feel bad when they have gym or feel embarrass I am gym and I see kids who at first could  ...

Should Schools Make Physical Education Mandatory? - Schooled in ...


Jan 26, 2011 ... But after-school sports aren't the only endangered physical activity—physical education ... PE used to be mandatory clear through high school.

Should PE Classes Be Mandatory? | Education - Seattle PI


Many public schools are decreasing or eliminating mandatory physical education programs from elementary, middle and high schools. A 2013 study by the ...

Schools should make gym class a priority | PennLive.com


May 21, 2011 ... Despite America's resistance to daily physical education in schools, the question should still be raised: Should gym class be required for all students in ... makes daily physical education classes a requirement in high school.