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Sporting a shorter haircut this summer and want one for your cat as well? ... It involves trimming all of your cat's fur except for what's on her head, neck, feet, and ...


Why shaving your dog or cat this summer may not be such a great idea. ... a dog can develop an unpleasant condition called myiasis -- maggots in the fur. If your ...


Read on to find out how to keep your kitty's eyes, ears, teeth, skin and fur healthy and clean. ... For your own protection, we recommend trimming Fluffy's claws before bathing. ... or a combination of these—may be affecting your cat's skin and should be investigated. .... Follow these steps to help your cat relax while you trim .


Jun 9, 2015 ... The “lion cut” is the single most popular look when people shave their ... And while cats can overheat, shaving their coat may actually make that ...


May 12, 2014 ... I'm never in favor of shaving a cat's fur unless there's a medical reason to ... (For the record, I don't view regular trimming around a pet's private ...


Apr 23, 2014 ... How much grooming of your cat's coat you'll need to do depends a great deal ... Should I Have My Long-Haired Cat Professionally Groomed?


Apr 15, 2013 ... It must feel really nice to get a belly scritch without a bunch of fur in the way. ... $100 a pop at the groomer, we started to wonder, “How hard can it be? ... I was no more skilled at administering lion cuts than my husband was.


I'm seriously considering trimming it. What do you ... Our long hair cat gets hairballs if we do not shave him. ... that's why I asked about trimming.


If your cat's fur gets matted and you can't untangle it, or she gets something stuck ... You can also buy scissors made specifically for cat trimming such as Millers ...


The lion cut is a type of hair cut where your cat's coat is shaved with the ... But owners with any breed of long haired cat can give their little beast the lion cut. ... Tip: Personally, I prefer to clip my cat's nails a day or two before I groom her. If I try to ...