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5 Reasons to Buy an Xbox 360 (Not a PS3 or Wii) - LifeWire


Oct 10, 2016 ... What last-gen system should you choose from between Xbox 360, PS3, or WiI? We have five reasons why we think the Xbox 360 might be ...

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Oct 19, 2016 ... Should you get a PS3 or Xbox 360? All three current generation systems are unique and have their own advantages, but I've put together a list ...

6 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead Of An Xbox 360 - Forbes


Jun 19, 2012 ... Looking at just this generation hardware, assuming you're still in the market for a new console, should you buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360?

6 Reasons To Buy An Xbox 360 Instead Of A PlayStation 3 - Forbes


Dec 6, 2012 ... So why buy the Xbox 360 over Sony's PS3? Here are six reasons. 1. Xbox Live is more secure than PSN. It's true that the PlayStation Network ...

Should I buy an Xbox or a PS3? - Quora


I'm a Xbox 360 user. My review would be from that prespective. Both have their perks. Both have individual action packed games. For ex:Halo series for Xbox.

Which one is better, PS3 or Xbox 360? - Quora


Historically (past 3-4 years), the Xbox 360 has had better exclusive game titles, better looking ... Should I buy a gaming console like a PS3, an Xbox 360 or should I upgrade my current PC? Which one should I buy in India? PS3 or Xbox 360?

How to Choose Between a PS3 or Xbox 360: 7 Steps (with Pictures)


How to Choose Between a PS3 or Xbox 360. ... If buying a console for a child, be advised that unlike the Wii, neither PSN or Xbox Live have parental controls ...

PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 - Difference and Comparison | Diffen


Xbox 360 is known for its community experience and offers a friendlier ... Accessories for the PS3 include wireless controllers, the Playstation Eye camera, ... where players can buy downloadable content, and online gaming with other players. .... I myself believe that Xbox live should be free, but I also believe that Xbox live is ...

Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Which Console Wins the Gaming Game ...


Jun 7, 2012 ... The Xbox 360 is a year older than the PlayStation 3, and arguably less ... like Star Wars Kinect, it's not the main reason you should get an Xbox 360. ... With the PS3 , for $50 more than the Xbox, you get more storage, more ...

Buying an Xbox 360 in 2016 - Xbox Association - GameSpot


Mar 18, 2016 ... I've recently purchased a PS3 and am looking to pick up a 360 to see which console I prefer before getting an 8th gen console. I've heard as ...