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Will a perm take better if I don't wash my hair beforehand? ... safe and healthy, you can give yourself a deep conditioning treatment a few days before the perm.

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“Your hair has to be in a good condition in order for the curl to come out pretty.“ ... But, as with all perms, the waves will relax and become looser over time. ... Wait at least two to three days before washing your hair and using shampoo—the curls need time to set, .... I just done digital perm to my hair and it was a nightmare.

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Q- Will getting a perm damage my hair? A- The perms that ... Q- How long do I have to wait to wash my hair? A- Most ... I always recommend a full 48 hours before shampooing. ... Also be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment a day before.

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Wash your hair at least four days before getting a relaxer as this will ensure that your ... And would it help to have the conditioner that I left in my hair from my last  ...

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Consult a stylist before you decide to get your hair permed or try this simple test at ... that means the hair is too porous and will probably turn frizzy and dry after a  ...

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Permed hair needs a bit of rest before the first wash and deep-conditioning treatment. ... Washing with shampoo -- and even getting your hair wet -- can disturb the hair proteins as they ... How Can I Get My Hair Really Curly by Scrunching It?

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You should also not wash your hair too soon before a perm because the ... to wash your hair then you should only use shampoo as conditioner will only ... I have had my hair professionally permed for years, and they always wash it before ...

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Preparation to get your perfect intense hair color starts before you open your box. ... hair color (lasts through 28 shampoos) can be used the same day as your perm—as long as your scalp is not irritated and is in good condition. ... SHOULD I SHAMPOO BEFORE COLORING? ... WHEN SHOULD I START MY TIMER?

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The back of my hair is straight and the top and sides are too curly and frizzy. ... Even if your hair was in bad condition before you should have been advised .... What happens if you wash your permed hair before the 48 hour waiting period?

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You can get perms that just add body to fine, limp hair; you can get loose, ... And if you don't like your new hairstyle, you cannot chemically straighten it back to the way it was before. ... Can I Use a Perm to Straighten My Hair? ... To prepare your hair for a perm, you'll want to use a moisturizing conditioner after you sham...

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Q: Should I shampoo my hair before having a perm?
A: You can get a shower the night before, that won't affect it but they will most likely shampoo and condition your hair before you get it permed at the salon. Jus... Read More »
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Q: If I am about to use henna in my hair, should I shampoo AND condi...
A: No actually you do not have to shampoo and condition your hair beforehand but your hair should be clean and not have any oily build up. If your hair texture is ... Read More »
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A: I have very dark hair, and curly. So I did a load of damage when I bleached & straightened my hair for a period of time :/. I like BedHead's "Dumb Blonde" shamp... Read More »
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A: 1.Heat up a small amount of olive oil in the microwave for 30 seconds. 2.Apply to DRY hair. 3.If you want to hang your head upside down while applying it (heard... Read More »
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A: I believe that you will get ther best advice from a professional in a hair salon. Source(s) ask a professional. Read More »
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