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Should kids have a bedtime curfew? | Debate.org


Setting a curfew for bed time allows for the deadline to be set concretely so you cannot ... Yes, kids should have a bedtime curfew as laid out by the parents.

Age-Appropriate Bedtimes For Kids | Sleep Sisters


Bedtime should be no later than 3.5 hrs after second nap ends. ...... Is it beneficial at all to have a set bedtime on nights that we aren't with family and then adjust ...

Why A Regular Bedtime Is Important For Children : NPR


Dec 16, 2013 ... Children who have irregular bed times are more likely to have behavioral issues than children who have a regular bedtime routine. A survey of ...

Young Children Behave Better When They Have a Consistent Bedtime


Yet a surprising number don't set bedtimes for their children. According ... Parents should discuss bedtime issues with their children's health care providers and if ...

New Study Shows Why You Should Get the Kids to Bed on Time - WSJ


Jul 30, 2013 ... New Study Shows Why You Should Get the Kids to Bed on Time ... Nearly 20% of the 3-year-olds didn't have a regular bedtime. ... This was especially true for girls who didn't establish consistent bedtimes between 3 and 7 ...

No Bedtime: What Sleep Looks Like In Our House - Our Muddy Boots


Nov 5, 2013 ... My children, 4 and 6, do not have a bedtime. ... boy's desires, but rather our ideas of how we should do whatever is in question at the time. .... We also don't have a set bedtime, when the kids are tired I lay down with them and ...

Enforcing bedtimes improves kids' health - CNN.com


Sep 14, 2009 ... A child's bedtime routine could affect his or her sleep pattern ... "If it sets a pattern in the way you treat sleep or bedtimes, these ... If children have difficulty falling asleep, parents should not turn to medication, experts said.

Does Your Child Need a Regular Bedtime? | Evolutionary Parenting ...


Oct 23, 2013 ... ... that the lack of a set bedtime in children 3 to 7 is associated with greater ... Doctors read this and tell families they need to have a schedule (as .... The last thing parents should do is worry about getting their 6 month old on a ...

Time for bed! Do regular bedtimes benefit your child? - Philly.com


Oct 14, 2013 ... The good news is that leaves room for change; a set bedtime can improve behavior. While knowing our children should sleep regularly and well is not a ... the poorest homes, have parents without degree level qualifications, ...

What Kids Say About: Sleep - KidsHealth


About one third of kids say they set their own bedtime. ... If you do a little math, you can figure out when your bedtime should be if you want to get at least 8½ ...

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Is a Set Bedtime Appropriate for Teens? - Parenting Stack Exchange


Middle school aged children should have a bedtime, imo. ... Letting them set their priorities now gives them a chance for small failures with ...

Kids Bedtime Mistakes Good Parents Make - Metro Parent


Parents have the best of intentions when they create a bedtime routine, says Dr. Stephen Grant. ... of sugar, making kids jumpy and wired just as they should be winding down for sleep. .... Win a Set of Lux The Principled Block Building Blocks.

Are Late Bedtimes Bad for Kids? - Parents


Hectic family routines are pushing kids' bedtimes back. ... Some of my friends and relatives have tactfully questioned whether such a late bedtime is good for .... children ages 2 to 3 should get 9 to 13 hours of sleep each night, kids ages 3 to 5 ... Mega Bloks Building Sets · Fisher-Price Baby Toys · Pampers nighttim...