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This article discusses how to treat cat dandruff, what causes it, and natural ... You don't have to completely switch from dry to wet food (unless that's what your vet ... You should also bathe your cat regularly to keep its coat clean and beautiful; ...

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If a bath is not possible, you should use a damp cloth and wipe your cat's skin; ... cause dry skin and your cat may have more dandruff during the cold seasons.

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Apr 12, 2011 ... A how to lesson on How To Treat Cat Dandruff that will improve your cat care skills. Learn how ... Is it healthy to wash your cat if it has dandruff? ... I hope you were able to see what the vet said and hope your. cat is better now!.

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Since a cat has hair all over his body, dandruff is easy to spot. ... If your cat doesn' t tolerate bathing, you can at least use a lotion or step up your brushing routine ...

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Mar 29, 2012 ... That's right, cats have built-in grooming salons: teeth, nails, paws, tongues and saliva. ... The grooming aisle of a pet supply store will offer a variety of shampoo options and related ... Dry Skin, Dandruff and Coat Conditioning ... If you do not remove the tangles before the bath, your cat's hair may get mat...

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A vet can help you determine whether or not your cat has an allergy. ... If you can't find an obvious cause for your cat's dandruff, this may be the explanation. ... Bathing the cat more often can strip the essential oils from its skin, leaving it ...

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Most cats have an aversion to water. They don't like baths at all. A bath will only stress him out more, and cause more problems than you're solving.

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Symptoms such as lackluster fur, excessive oil and dandruff-like flaking are ... When baths are spaced together too closely, the skin doesn't have time to recover ... Topically, you can provide immediate relief for your cat's dry skin by misting her ...

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Apr 26, 2006 ... We have a short-haired black cat; her fur is extremely dense, however, ... It could be that her skin got a bit dry after the bath, after being used to .... You can use people dandruff shampoo, per a vet I took my cat to years ago.

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If you regularly check your cat's coat and skin, you will also have a better .... any lost moisture to the skin and minimize the development of dandruff after the bath.

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If your cat's fur is dotted with little white flakes, he may have dandruff. ... White flakes of dead skin can detract from the appearance of your cat's beautiful coat. ... If you bathe your cat too often, wetting down his coat, it could dry out your cat's skin ...

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Dog and cat dandruff is a sign that your pet has dry skin in need of some moisture . ... We all need a good bath every now and again (or at least a shower), but ... one containing colloidal oatmeal) lying around, you can use that on your pet.

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As long as you have the right tools and the know-how, bathing your cat is easy. ... These wipes remove dandruff, urine stains and oil without the need for water. ... Short-haired cats can go months without a bath and may never need one unless  ...