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Waking a Sleepwalker May Kill Them - Scientific American

Apr 5, 2007 ... "You can startle sleepwalkers, and they can be very disoriented when ... of a documented case of someone dying from being woken up. ... "If a child does sleepwalk, waking up the child 45 minutes after going to sleep can interrupt the cycle. ... in young adults who have epilepsy and poorly controlled seizur.

Why Aren't You Supposed to Wake a Sleepwalker? | Mental Floss

Feb 25, 2013 ... Despite urban legends claiming that waking a sleepwalker will send them into shock or ... While you can wake them up, you probably shouldn't, and that's for both your benefit. ... Not immediately recognizing you as someone they know, they may push you, strike you, ... 10 Actors Who Nearly Died On Set

How to Wake and Stop a Sleepwalker - WebMD

Worse, they may even attack anyone trying to wake them up. ... Waking someone who is sleepwalking can be dangerous, but allowing a ... If you must awaken them, do so with loud noises rather than by shaking or touching them roughly.

BBC - Future - Is it dangerous to wake a sleepwalker?

Feb 22, 2012 ... What should you do if you find someone sleepwalking? ... Anyone who has encountered a sleepwalker will know that it ... heard is that it is dangerous to wake a sleepwalker, and that waking them up will somehow harm them.

Is it dangerous to wake a sleepwalker? • The Register

Jan 27, 2007 ... It is a myth that it is dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker because it ... sleepwalker may inflict upon themselves or the person waking them up. ... It is not likely that a sleepwalker when woken up suddenly will have a cardiac event. ... Persistent sleepwalking occurs in between one to six per cent of children. You Wake up Someone Who's Sleepwalking&v=UmY9qX5vm_E
Jul 7, 2011 ... I was sleep walking since I had a dream people at my school shrunk I had to save them by ... you don't wake them up because they will attack you it's a natural defense that happens when someone tries to wake them up. You Wake up Someone Who's Sleepwalking&v=yLwLCROvfvQ
Mar 4, 2013 ... A video proving why no one should ever wake a sleep walker. ... I was sleep walking once and my sister woke me up and I kicked her down the ... to the girl who couldn't believe you were filming, she wouldn't had hold on to it ...

How to Safely Wake a Sleepwalker -

Find out how to safely wake up a sleepwalker. ... be concerned about the person's safety, so you may wonder what you should do if you catch the person in the act. 0 ... You may have heard that it's not safe to wake someone who is actively ...

The Claim: Never Wake a Sleepwalker - The New York Times

Sep 13, 2005 ... THE FACTS -- It's 1 a.m., and you wake up to find someone you know ... give credence to the adage that rousing a sleepwalker can give him a heart attack. ... The behavior runs in families and often occurs in people who have ...

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Q: What will happen if you wake someone up who is sleepwalking?
A: It's not recommended to wake someone up while they are Read More »
Q: Why aren't you supposed to wake up someone who is sleepwalking?
A: U shouldn't wake a sleepwalker is because of thei... Read More »
Q: Why aren't you suppose to wake up someone who is sleepwalking?
A: The reason is because when someone sleepwalks, they are in a state of a sort of 'reality.' If you wake them up, the mind overloads and becomes confused. This co... Read More »
Q: Why should you never wake up a person who's sleep-walking?
A: The old belief was that if you woke someone who was sleepwalking it would startle them so much they could die. Not true, but it will probably leave them very di... Read More »
Q: How should you wake up a kid who is sleepwalking?
A: you shouldn't as it can be dangerous to wake them ,just lead them back to bed and talk to them as if they were awake here is some info for u Image: ¿HAVET/iStoc... Read More »