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Should students be allowed to leave school during lunch time ...


Yes, students should be allowed to leave campus for lunch because it allows them to not ... They'll be going off to college soon and this will help prepare them.

Should high school students have off-campus lunch? | Debate.org


I love lunch and students should be able to leave campus to eat lunch cuz this is america and god ... Students should be able to have off campus school lunches.

Should students be allowed to leave school during lunch time ...


Feb 16, 2011 ... I believe that students should be able to leave school grounds for ... to leave school in the middle of the day for an off-campus lunch period, ...

The Pros and Cons of Off-Campus Lunch - Foley Lions Roar


Sep 16, 2014 ... Some advantages for being able to leave campus for lunch would ... Well I think that high schoolers should not be allowed to go off campus for ...

Off-Campus Lunches Benefit Students, District - The Rider Online


Jan 3, 2013 ... The more students are able to go off campus, the fewer students stay at school to ... Administrators should let students go off campus for lunch.

Off-campus lunch makes students more responsible - Bryan High ...


Jan 7, 2013 ... Although off-campus lunch does give the students a sense of freedom, there ... If students were able to leave campus, they could have healthier ...

Open-campus policy eats away at school nutrition effort | The Center ...


May 9, 2013 ... No one goes off campus to pick up food from Wingstop or the ampm ... The Oakland High students are no longer allowed to leave campus during lunch. .... agree that high school students should be allowed to leave campus.

The Wave : Should We Offer Off Campus Lunch?


Sep 20, 2013 ... Students at Wellington High School are currently not allowed to go off campus for lunch. Mario Crocetti, Principal, gave a few reasons why ...

Should Students Be Allowed To Leave Campus For Lunch? Lunch ...


Nov 18, 1992 ... But, leaving campus for lunch is a freedom that students can live without.What most students ... Sure, it is great to be able to leave school and eat lunch. But, in practice, this ... Lunch Off Campus Loses Favor October 24, 1999.

Should high schools have open campus for lunch? | MLive.com


Oct 25, 2008 ... If open campus is allowed, it is very possible that such freedom will make ... Some schools, like my school, do not approve of off-campus lunch.

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Q: Do you think high schools should be allowed off campus lunches?
A: My high school we were allowed to leave the school Read More »
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Q: Should Freshman be allowed to go off campus for lunch next year?
A: i think they shouldn't heck they will have the cafeteria all to themselves what more do they want alice doesn't need there traffic (whether they walk or drive)t... Read More »
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Q: Should high school juniors and seniors be allowed to have an off ...
A: There are numerous reasons why they don't allow you to go off of school property on lunch, and even though I'd have loved it when I was in school, I completely ... Read More »
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Q: What are some reasons freshmen in hs should be allowed to go off ...
A: To be able to get his own food, or go back to his house to get something he forgot. The time off campus can be good, but not for all students. I'm not sure why ... Read More »
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Q: Should Middle School Students Be Allowed Off Campus During Lunch?
A: Well as a student of middle school i say yes. That would be great! Read More »
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