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9 Reasons We Should Abolish Tipping, Once And For All ...


Oct 17, 2014 ... This Muslim Clinic, Treating Mostly Latinos, Is What 'Makes America Great' Already ... In most states, restaurants are allowed to pay waiters far less than the minimum wage. ... Abolish Tipping, And Customers Will Still Spend The Same Amount .... Why are we so enamored of this strange, antiquated custom?

Should American restaurants abolish tipping? - CNBC.com


Aug 21, 2013 ... Tipping is so unwelcome in Japan, some servers even find it offensive. ... visitors who may be unaware of American tipping customs from stiffing waitstaff. ... After all, this is America, where we expect that our hard work will be ...

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Jan 12, 2015 ... Tipping in America is relatively new...in Europe, tipping can be seen as ..... is starting to utilize this method whether you can't custom adjust how ...

Let's Abolish Tipping - The Atlantic


Jun 16, 2010 ... ... custom "offensively un-American," arguing that workers here should seek ... The anti-tipping campaigns were so effective that six states actually ... I would like to see America move toward a standard service fee at ... Ronald Brownstein on how Hillary Clinton can shift resources from the old to the young.

Why Tipping Is Wrong - The New York Times


Oct 16, 2015 ... Can We Finally Treat Food Workers Fairly? ... America moved in the opposite direction, entrenching tipping in custom and law. ... In only seven states do tipped workers enjoy the same minimum wage as others. ... Centers United estimates that nearly 70 percent of tipped restaurant workers are women, ...

Should the US Abolish Tipping? - PayScale


The restaurant industry in the United States relies upon customers tipping for good service ... However, the tradition began in Tudor England with the aristocracy ...

A Restaurant Server Explains Why We Shouldn't Abolish Tipping ...


Mar 13, 2015 ... Hello, my name is Redacted and I will be your server tonight. But before I get to our .... Tracking America's Hotly Contested Debate Over Tipping.

Why Tipping Should Be Outlawed - Esquire


Jun 19, 2013 ... Why should a server's pay depend upon the generosity — not to ... Here in America, the practice is voluntary only in the legal sense of the word.

To tip or not to tip... or should it be banned? - BBC News - BBC.com


Jun 14, 2013 ... A New York restaurant has banned tipping to spare customers the bother. ... It's a custom that's become second nature for most Americans, although ... almost every transaction you undertake in America is booby-trapped with ...

Are Americans stuck with tipping? - LA Times


Sep 5, 2013 ... But another question is: Can tipping be abolished? ... But efforts to end tipping in the U.S. began as soon as the custom was introduced. Tips ... The concept wasn't brought to America until the late 19th century, when wealthy ...

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Should Tipping Be Abolished? - National Center for Policy Analysis


Some academics and pundits want to abolish tipping and replace the practice with a .... Be Abolished? 4 the custom was introduced in the United States in the.

Abolish Tipping: It's bad for servers, customers, and restaurants - Slate


Jul 9, 2013 ... When wealthy Americans brought home the practice of tipping from their European ... State legislatures quickly banned the practice. ... Tipping is a repugnant custom. ... Servers should have a steadier income stream. ... Virtually every other employee in America knows how much they'll be paid up front, and ...

Should We Get Rid Of The Tipping System? - Business Insider


Jul 10, 2013 ... Does America's tipping system in restaurants make sense? ... There Are A Lot Of Good Reasons To Abolish The Tipping System In Restaurants.