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Siamese fighting fish


Wild fish exhibit strong colours only when agitated. ... Breeders have also developed different colour patterns such as marble and ...

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They are a popular bi-colour pattern. ..... I have a male crowntail betta in the grizzle color pattern. .... Bettas are called Siamese Fighting Fish for a reason.

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Sep 23, 2015 ... ... the ever popular male Betta splendens, or Siamese Fighting Fish, ... put to these tail types, patterns and colours and how some of them have ...

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Sep 10, 2014 ... Interestingly when discussing the colors of the Siamese fighting fish it is ... or patterns are developed by cross breeding specific Betta species ...

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Oct 8, 2015 ... Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are one of the most ... the Color Pattern of a Betta FishIdentifying Male and Female Betta ...

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Dec 11, 2013 ... Marbles aren't bettas with specks of color on their body. ... I have a new betta fish Male and he is calles Sebastian, he's red with little ( LITTLE ) ...

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Lucas, Gene Allan, "A study of variation in the Siamese Fighting Fish, Betta splendens, ...... that there were a number of color patterns in the wild populations of.

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The International Betta Congress has it's own classifications, but for now I will not ... I proud myself in offering a large amount of very pure colored fish here. ... I am however very very fund of bettas with cool looking patterns :) and pride myself ...

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In their wild form, the Siamese Fighting Fish is dull green and brown in color and .... There can be a color pattern change with mood swings, primarily on females.

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In addition to coming in a variety of tail types, fin varieties and color strains, the Siamese fighting fish, or betta splendens, can display a number of dazzlingly ...

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The selective breeding began in S.E. Asia long ago, with breeding of the Plakat Morh, the true Fighting Fish of Thailand, Plakat Khmer, the Cambodian colour ...

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This page is a reference for common color types and variations of bettas. ... A marble body with white fins would be penalized as would a fish that has a dark color not much darker ... Another newer color that has created a stir in the Betta world.

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Betta Tails & Colors listed here Betta Fish Care. ... The Plakat is a short-tailed Betta. ... Marble- irregular patterns throughout the body and fin