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... a few drops of Visine in an unsuspecting victim's drink will cause ... oral administration of Visine can induce dangerous side effects ...

Causing Diarrhea with Visine Prank : snopes.com


The "Visine slipped into the drink" pay back carries additional appeal because it ... Swallowing this substance can result in a number of nasty effects, including:.

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The active ingredient in eye drops such as Visine is tetrahydrozoline HCI. Ingesting this substance can lead to a variety of harmful side effects such as ...

Nothing funny about so-called 'Visine prank,' says pharmacist


Jul 23, 2013 ... Those side-effects can include abnormal drowsiness, sedation, low or ... his girlfriend's drink as a prank following an argument between the ...

Visine Poisoning: Shayne Carpenter Arrested; What Are Visine ...


Mar 11, 2013 ... In real life, symptoms of Visine poisoning are much more severe. According to the National Institutes of Health, ingesting tetrahydrozoline can ...

Just an (Eye) Drop of Poison | WIRED


Mar 25, 2013 ... The Pennsylvania woman who'd been sneaking Visine into her boyfriend's drinking water for three years? (The poor man suffered all that time ...

Girl, 19, poisoned her stepmother by pouring FIVE BOTTLES worth ...


Mar 22, 2013 ... MailOnline US - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories .... had ingested about 20 bottles of the eye drops after drinking Visine-laced tea and coffee ..... at gala for his foundation Was by her 37-year-old husband's side.

Woman Admits to Poisoning Boyfriend With Visine Drops - ABC News


Aug 14, 2012 ... Woman Allegedly Poisons Boyfriend's Water with Visine ... she slipped Visine eye drops into the drinking water of her boyfriend, 45-year-old Thurman Edgar Nesbitt III. ... She was trying to ruin his health or even murder him.

Visine Poisoning Can Be Fatal, Experts Caution - The Inquisitr


Mar 11, 2013 ... According to Snopes, there is a common belief that adding Visine to the drink of another person will cause embarrassing side effects for the ...



Dec 12, 2008 ... In the film "Wedding Crashers," a scatological prank involving a few drops of Visine in an unwitting man's drink is played for comedic effect, but ...

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Drinking eye drops, such as Visine, or beverages that have been laced with drops causes a number of harmful side effects, according to Healthguidance.org.

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Furazolidone and MAO inhibitors (eg, phenelzine) because side effects, such as ... Visine eye drops may be harmful if swallowed, especially in children.

Tetrahydrozoline poisoning: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia


Jan 23, 2015 ... MedlinePlus Trusted Health Information for You ... the product (ingredients and strengths if known); The time it was swallowed; The ... The health care provider will measure and monitor the person's vital signs, ... Murine; Visine ...