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Procuration is the action of taking care of, hence management, stewardship, agency. The word ... For example, given a secretary authorized to sign a letter on behalf of the president of a company, t...

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To sign a letter for one's boss, a person should sign his or her name with the initials ... when an employee is asked by his or her boss to sign a letter on his behalf. ... Write a letter to your boss by choosing the topic to address, explaining the ...

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My boss has given me permission to sign his name to a letter, how do I ... It translates as: "You, on behalf of your boss" which is exactly what you are trying to say.

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What Do You Say in a Complimentary Letter About Your Boss? ... You might start signing routine letters on the boss's behalf in the beginning but progress to ...

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I'd be tempted to state the entity as your authority at the start of the letter instead. Dear Mr. ... Dick Karp, Computer nerd who became a manager and is now enjoying life, the universe, an. ... We usually state up front in the text that the letter is sent on behalf of the board, and have the president sign, or secretary on behalf ...

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Ask your boss what format he wants you to use when signing a letter on his behalf. Get his guidance on when you are to sign for him and on what types of letters.

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When signing a letter I have created on behalf of someone else, I sign the person's name or if they have a ... Anna Smith (your bosses name).

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pp: indicates the letter was signed on behalf of someone else ... If the letter has your boss's name in print at the bottom and is signed by him or her, you don't ...

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Jan 22, 2014 ... Standard replies for assistants to use on behalf of their boss. ... You may want to use your manager's email (and sign off the email in their name) ...

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Business etiquette for signing documents and letters evolves with every technological ... Both your handwritten and electronic signatures are distinctive. ... prepared the document or another authorized party to sign on the author's behalf. ... her boss's name if her boss isn't in the office to put her actual signature on th...

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Sometimes in the business world, it is necessary for office staff to sign on behalf of a manager or company president. This usually happens when the manage.

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Nov 5, 2004 ... What do you write at the end of a letter to indicate that you have been asked... ... p.p. Sam Body-Else [<-- your boss's name] F Edit: I have just ...

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In this case the proxy, or staff member signing on behalf of the boss, should sign her own name with the letters "p.p." before the signature. The name ... There are many reasons why you might need to sign your name on someone else's behalf.