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Nov 18, 2011 ... When will girls get their first period? The ages vary, but there are two signs of puberty that generally precede first menstruation.

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Although a lot of girls get their first period between 11 and 13 years old, you could get yours anywhere between 9 and 16. Everyone has her own “biological ...

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This article helps parents talk to their daughters about a girl's first period.

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Jun 17, 2015 ... ... the uterus. This blood exits via the vagina and begins the girl's first period. ... Signs Before Your First Period · Signs of Pregnancy With Period.

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Signs that your period is on its way are if you've grown underarm and pubic hair. ... The average girl will get her first period around 12 years old, but it varies from ...

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Or perhaps she is showing the first signs of puberty and you have the feeling that her period is right around the corner. It's important to have this discussion early, ...

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Menstruation 101. Before raising the subject of menstruation, it's a good idea for you to be clear on the basics. For most girls, the signs of their first period appear ...

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Jan 14, 2015 ... First Period Signs Symptoms! ... The menstrual cycle occurs only in fertile female humans and other ... SIGNS your First Period is Coming!

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When a young girl has her first period, it marks a major milestone in her life. ... There are many early physical signs that will let you know puberty is starting.

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Other signs and symptoms might include bloating, tender breasts, headaches and fatigue. Exercise ... No one can tell exactly when a girl will get her first period.

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It's one of the many physical signs that a girl is turning into a woman. Menstruation can be ... When a girl first gets her period, doctors call it menarche. menarche.

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Sep 22, 2010 ... There are often signs that girls are nearing their first period. Breast development and pubic hair growth often begin a couple of years before ...

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It's also normal to have lots of questions about your period. Here are ... Most girls are between 9 and 15 years old when they have their first period. Many girls ...