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Sep 16, 2014 ... Today I noticed the very pregnant platy chasing the male around aggressively. I believe this is one of the signs but I am not sure. behavior fish ...

How to tell if your platy is pregnant - AC Tropical Fish


I have four female platys. They are all three rather rotund, but so far I've not seen them have babies. How can you tell if they are pregnant or just ...

Pregnant Platy! Help Asap! | My Aquarium Club


Jun 16, 2012 ... I'm pretty sure my platy fish is pregnant, but i'm really not sure when to put her into the floating breeding box. I put her inside earlier, but felt so cruel with the size ...

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Nov 4, 2010 ... This is the 2nd time pregnant platy giving birth soon,the 1st time was 1 month ago . Those are the 1st batch babies around the mom .fry,mickey ...

When to move my pregnant Platy? - FishForums.com


Labor signs or something else? She did eat when I fed her though. Today is their scheduled water change, but I don't want to disrupt her if she ...

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Determining whether a Platy is pregnant, like sexing, is not hard to do. If she exhibits one or all of the following signs, she is most likely ...

Platy pregnancy stages? - Aquarium Forum


Jun 19, 2012 ... I'm 100% sure my platy is pregnant, but would like to see a size comparison. ... She was showing no signs of illness, nor have my other fish.

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Platies come in a wide variety of colors that spice up any community tank. ... Be careful, though- females may already be pregnant when you purchase them.

FAQs on Platy Reproduction, Breeding 1 - WetWebMedia


I am also wondering if the platy becomes pregnant or shows signs do I need too move her to another tank (we have only had the 2 platys for two days).

How to know if a platy is pregnant - Quora


Jul 25, 2015 ... Platy fish are live barers so they will hold their young in their bellies and give birth to fish ... What are the common first signs of pregnancy?

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Platy Pregnancy Stages - 148453 - Aquarium Fish


Hi there, I am just wondering about the Platy pregnancy stages. So am I right that they are pregnant for around 3-4 weeks? I know some signs ...

How Do You Tell If A Platy Is Pregnant? I Have One Male And Three ...


If you have a male and female platies together, the females are all pregnant. As far as telling when they are going to deliver--their stomachs "square up," and ...

Can You Tell If My Platy Fish Is Pregnant? Here's A Picture. She ...


You won't save them ALL this way, but my first experience with a pregnant platy led to 40+ fry... I'm *still* (many months later) trying to re-home some of them!