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Sep 16, 2014 ... Today I noticed the very pregnant platy chasing the male around aggressively. I believe this is one of the signs but I am not sure. behavior fish ...

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Hi there, I am just wondering about the Platy pregnancy stages. So am I right that they are pregnant for around 3-4 weeks? I know some signs ...

How to tell if your platy is pregnant - AC Tropical Fish


I have four female platys. They are all three rather rotund, but so far I've not seen them have babies. How can you tell if they are pregnant or just ...

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Nov 4, 2010 ... This is the 2nd time pregnant platy giving birth soon,the 1st time was 1 month ago . Those are the 1st batch babies around the mom .fry,mickey ...

How Do You Tell If A Platy Is Pregnant? I Have One Male And Three ...


If you have a male and female platies together, the females are all pregnant. ... You can use a breeding net, but this is very stressful for the mother fish, and can ...

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I've noticed a little white dot where her ***** is, but i'm not sure if that's a sign ... I didn't even think of the platy's being pregnant, i thought it was just there shape.

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This is unusual: The majority of fish do not mate directly. Instead ... The pregnant platy will behave pretty much the same as she does normally. There are no ...

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Four Methods:Setting Up Your TankGetting Your PlatiesTaking Care of Your New ... Be careful, though- females may already be pregnant when you purchase them . ... Change 25% of your water at least once a week and DO NOT change the ...

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Find the answers to your fish problems or questions here on ..... Still tend to spit most of the crushed food I give them, but they do like the Sera Micron. ... Is my platy pregnant ? can anyone tell me please and tell me what i ...

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Q: What are the Signs of a pregnant platys.
A: The female will have a very rounded belly and most of the time looking at them from the top of your tank their body will appear wider than normal. In some insta... Read More »
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Q: What are some early signs of a pregnant platy fish?
A: My platies don't really get noticable gravid spots until their last week of pregnancy. Although my platies have yellow and dark orange bodies, this could be the... Read More »
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Q: What r the signs that my pregnant platy is goig to have her babie...
A: When she looks like shes about to explode. She will remove herself from the group and sit by herself. She will occasionally shake (contractions). She will also ... Read More »
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Q: How do you tell if a female platy is pregnant.
A: With all the livebearers in fish, you can tell if they are pregnant by looking for a dark spot towards the rear of their abdomens. If they are not pregnant, it ... Read More »
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Q: What Are the Signs of a Pregnant Sow?
A: There exist a handful of signs and indicators - some more scientific than others - that let a hog owner know a sow has become impregnated. It's important for pi... Read More »
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