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Jun 18, 2010 ... A look at how to tell if your turtles has eggs. ... Is there anything special I should have in my tank for the turtle if she's pregnant for her eggs?.


How to properly care for a gravid, or pregnant, aquatic turtle by proving a suitable ... signs that a turtle is gravid and needs to lay her eggs, and not all turtles will ...


Oct 14, 2013 ... Unfortunately, gravid (egg-bearing) turtles can be very choosy when it ... Also, other health issues that may cause similar symptoms can be investigated. ... the Golden Thread turtle is pregnant, so will the eggs be fertile or not?


When breeding turtles, knowing how to tell if your turtle is about to lay eggs can help you prepare a nesting area or get the incubator ready.


If you have witnessed your pet water turtles mating, you should be able to tell within two or three weeks whether the female is pregnant. Gently insert your finger ...


Before they lay their eggs, nearly all turtles prepare by making a nest on land. During the last weeks of gestation, the gravid (pregnant) female spends less time  ...


If she is egg bound, she will start showing signs, so she probably ... In contrast, live-bearing animals carrying a baby are called "pregnant" (lit.


Though I suppose it's too late now, answering the question won't hurt. To answer your question directly before going into detail, the average ...


Apr 21, 2011 ... We have had 2 red eared slider females for about 7 years each and they should be sexually mature and around december we got a male from ...