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How Can I Tell if my Turtle is Sick? | Gulf Coast Turtle and Tortoise ...


Gulf Coast Turtle & Tortoise Society. The following is a list of the main signs that a turtle is sick. It is not all-inclusive and should not be used as a checklist to ...

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Signs of good health are: clear eyes and skin, smooth shiny shell, no visible damage. ... are the primary reasons for turtles getting sick. Fix the environment, or  ...

Turtles - Aquatic - Diseases | VCA Animal Hospital


Common conditions of pet turtles include Vitamin A deficiency, respiratory diseases, ... What are the signs of these diseases? ... How can I tell if my turtle is sick?

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Oct 2, 2007 ... Learn to recognize and identify the signs and symptoms of a sick turtle in this free how to video clip. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: ...

How to determine signs of illness in Turtles & Tortoises


Unfortunately sick turtles don't always show symptoms of illness until they are very ill or they simply die for no apparent reason.

My Aquatic Turtle is Sick: What to do? | PetHelpful


Feb 11, 2016 ... There are different symptoms of a sick turtle, some of which can be solved by adjusting his habitat. If the water is too cold, that could be the ...

Signs of Illness and Stress in Reptiles - Anapsid.org


Regular monitoring of the reptiles to detect early signs of stress or ill health. Access as needed to an experienced reptile veterinarian for initial examination of  ...

Help! My turtle is sick! - Turtle Rescue League


Turtles are very hardy, but they do get ill. Know the symptoms, learn what you can do and why it is important to have a turtle specific vet.

I think my turtle is dying! - EMERGENCY CARE - Turtle Forum


Any of those symptoms can indicate respiratory infection, which is ... And because turtles do hide their illnesses, they can actually be sick for a ...

Common Turtle Illnesses - Personal.psu.edu


Signs of shell rot include: white, slimy, smelly patches on the turtles shell. .... vitamin supplements (unless prescribed by a qualified reptile vet, or the turtle is ill ).