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The devil horns gesture has various meanings. It is used to ward off the "evil eye" or to "knock on wood". As an insult, it indicates that a man's wife is unfaithful. Its use as a sign of solidarity in rock was popularized by musicians like Ronnie Dio.
Additionally, in baseball the gesture is used to indicate that there are two outs in an inning. In American Sign Language, when the thumb is lifted with the index and little finger, it means "I love you".


The sign of the horns is a hand gesture with a variety of meanings and uses in various cultures. .... It's NOT the devil's sign like we're here with the devil. It's an ...


If their mere existence weren't proof enough that the Devil is real, true believers in America got a big shock in 2005, when the Supreme Court recognized and ...


Jul 9, 2016 ... UN-BAPTISED BABIES are just one of the traditional links to the devil in folklore.


“I Love You,” Devil? The "El Diablo" hand sign often is con-fused with the deaf hand signal of the phrase, "I love you." While at first this appears an odd ...


The Signs and Symbols below mainly represent Satanism but are used in and .... using them you can pretty much assume they are of their father the devil.

Feb 25, 2015 ... Saying, basically, 'I love you, Devil ? Hand signs have POWER on the subconscious level and that's why they are used...They're everywhere.


Apr 12, 2015 ... The Bible tells us that the devil has various plots and schemes he uses against human beings. Many people wrongly assume that Satan is ...


The devil appears impersonating God. Lucifer ... To make his deception believable, he will perform great signs, such as healing the sick and feeding the hungry.


'Pope Francis' displays the devil horns hand sign - the occult roots of the 'I love ... Those who use these hand signs to communicate among themselves should ...