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These stupid questions are fairly shrewd in the way they pry for an answer. Don't set a timer on ... Would a fly without wings be called a walk? 8. Do blind people ...

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Why are there no 'B' batteries? If a jogger runs at the speed of sound, can he still hear his iPod? If man evolved from monkeys, how come we still have monkeys ...

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I read some kind of questions in a thread. Godzillion com or org. Too funny for the intellectual audience to understand the funny global ...

Rhetorical Questions - Nonsensical Questions ... - FUN STUFF TO DO


Are you supposed to answer these questions with humor, sarcasm, at all? That depends ... Rhetorical Question, fun stuff, funny stuff, stupid questions. Funny ... Why do we call them restrooms when no one goes there to rest? Why do we have  ...

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May 15, 2011 ... Questions with no answers. May 15 .... If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, do the other trees make fun of it? If a tree fell on ...

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I need a couple of questions that are dead funny that i could ask .... Funny Questions ... Questions Without Answers ... RE: Funny questions that ...

33 Tricky Questions And Answers That Will Beat Your ... - Obvious Fun


Dec 31, 2014 ... The following questions are going to make your mind go crazy doing flips ... Suddenly, a large black car without any lights on comes round the ...

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I GOT REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BORED JUST WEIRD FUNNY OR STUPID STUFF I ... ~~~If something "goes without saying," why do people still say it? ... ~~~Why do we teach kids that violence is not the answer and then have them read ...

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Funny trick questions you can ask your friends. Great silly ... Answer these 4 questions out loud: What's a common abbreviation for ... No one came and she died.

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100 entries are tagged with funny questions without answers. 1. why did every kid suck at putting this thing together? it's 3 ing pieces.