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Two geometrical objects are called similar if they both have the same shape, or one has the ... Similar triangles[edit]. In geometry two triangles, △ABC and ...

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Similar Triangles. Two triangles are Similar if the only difference is size (and possibly the need to turn or flip one around). These triangles are all similar: triangles ...

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Definition and properties of similar triangles - testing for similarity.

Intro to triangle similarity (video) | Khan Academy


Sal explains what it means for triangles to be similar, and how this follows from the definition of similarity.

Solve similar triangles (basic) (practice) | Khan Academy


Given two similar triangles and some of their side lengths, find a missing side length.

Solve similar triangles (advanced) (practice) | Khan Academy


Given two similar triangles and some of their side lengths, find a missing side length.

Solving similar triangles (video) | Khan Academy


Sal solves two problems where a missing side length is found by proving that triangles are similar and using this to find the measure.

Determine similar triangles: AA (practice) | Khan Academy


Given two triangles with some of their angle measures, determine whether the triangles are similar or not.

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When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal. To determine if the triangles shown are similar, compare their ...

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Similar Triangles. State if the triangles in each pair are similar. If so, state how you know they are similar and complete the similarity statement. 1). 16. 16. D. E.