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Jul 10, 2015 ... LEXIS 89691. NANCY KOEHLER, ET AL., Plaintiffs, v. .... ″Freightquote.com, Inc . says that it properly paid ... is necessary.″ Wass v. NPC Int'l, Inc., No. 09-2254- JWL, 2011 U.S. Dist. ..... have limited access (e.g., government.


Jul 13, 2016 ... Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Koehler et al v. Freightquote.com, Inc., case number 2:12-cv-02505, from Kansas ...


Aug 10, 2015 ... Freightquote.com, Inc., et al., No. ... willful or that they should proceed as a class, a Kansas federal judge ruled July 10 (Nancy Koehler, et al. v.


Dec 10, 2003 ... For this singing engagement, an airline passage ticket was purchased from petitioner Singapore Airlines which would transport her to Manila ...


Aug 22, 2013 ... NANCY KOEHLER, et. al, ... of Defendant Freightquote.com, Inc. Plaintiffs allege that they were mis-classified as ... that the instant motion is not granted, Plaintiffs request an Order permitting limited discovery ... Gulf Oil Co. v.