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John Harington (writer)

Sir John Harington (also spelled Harrington) (baptised 4 August 1560 – 20 November 1612), of Kelston, but baptised in London, was an English courtier, author ...

Sir John Harrington - inventor of the toilet or loo - Historic UK

Sir John Harrington was a poet - an amateur and not very successful one! But his poetry was not why he would be remembered. Something much more 'down to ...

Death of Sir John Harington | History Today

A witty and erudite figure at the court of Elizabeth I, John Harington is now remembered mainly for two things.

No. 846: Harrington's John

Sir John Harington's father had first been married to the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII. But Harington was born to his father's second wife. So he missed  ...

John Harington (inventor) - Wikiquote

Sir John Harington (or Harrington) (August 4, 1561 – November 20, 1612) was a courtier, author, and scientist. He became a prominent member of Queen ...

Sir John Harington | biography - English author |

Nov 19, 2014 ... Sir John Harington, (born 1561—died Nov. 20, 1612, Kelston, Somerset, Eng.), English Elizabethan courtier, translator, author, and wit who ...

Sir John Harrington (& the Flush Toilet)

Sir John Harrington is often credited with the creation of the forerunner (or predecessor; it came before...) of today's flush toilet. Written record of this flushing  ...

Sir John Harington -

English writer, born at Kelston, near Bath, in 1561. His father, John Harington, acquired considerable estates by marrying Etheldreda, a natural daughter of King ...

The first flushing toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington | Bathtub ...

Jul 2, 2009 ... In 1596, the first flushing toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington. He made one for himself and one for his godmother Queen Elizabeth.

John Harington Facts

Sir John Harington (1560-1612) was an ambitious courtier who spent much of his life seeking favor at Queen Elizabeth's Court. He relied on his sharp wit and ...

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