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Skimming (fraud)


A form of white-collar crime, skimming is slang for taking cash "off the top" of the daily receipts of a business and officially reporting a lower total. The formal legal  ...

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Skim definition, to take up or remove (floating matter) from the surface of a liquid, as with a spoon or ladle: to skim the cream from milk. See more.

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skim (third-person singular simple present skims, present participle skimming, simple past and past participle skimmed). (intransitive) To pass lightly; to glide ...

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verb ( skims, skimming, skimmed ). 1 [ with object ] Remove (a substance) from the surface of a liquid: as the scum rises, skim it off. More example sentences.

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skim definition, meaning, what is skim: to move quickly just above a surface without touching it: . Learn more.

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skim. The act of taking a middleman or drug dealer taking a portion of the product for himself after receiving it from the next person up before selling it to ...

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Skim is a PDF reader and note-taker for OS X. It is designed to help you read and annotate scientific papers in PDF, but is also great for viewing any PDF file.

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to remove a layer of something from the surface of a liquid. : to look over or read ( something) quickly especially to find the main ideas. : to throw (a flat stone) ...

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a. To remove floating matter from (a liquid). b. To remove (floating matter) from a liquid. 2. a. To embezzle (money) by taking a small portion on each transaction: ...

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Define skim and get synonyms. What is skim? skim meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.