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... Cancer Institute, researchers have shown that atypical moles are more ... moles to develop into a type of skin cancer called melanoma.

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Atypical moles (dysplastic nevi) are unusual benign moles that may resemble melanoma. Learn how to identify if a mole is melanoma.

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A fact sheet about moles and how some moles may be related to melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Includes photos of differences between moles ...

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Self-exams can help you identify potential skin cancers early, when they can ... your skin very well and to recognize any changes in the moles on your body.

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Self-exams can help you identify potential skin cancers early, when they can almost always be ... The first signs can appear in one or more atypical moles.

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See melanoma pictures to determine which skin characteristics may be of concern. ... if an unusual mole or suspicious spot on your skin may be melanoma.

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But skin cancers can look different from these examples. .... A normal mole, like the one pictured here, is usually an evenly colored brown, tan, or black spot on ...

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What does skin cancer look like? It can vary depending on the type of cancer. The images in this gallery will show you some examples of basal cell carcinoma,  ...

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Mar 25, 2014 ... Melanoma is one of the least common forms of skin cancer, but it is also ... has at least one mole, a flat or raised colored spot on the skin. .... Symptoms and Pictures of Stage 4 Melanoma · What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?

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Q: How to tell if an atypical mole will develop into skin cancer - Q...
A: Other than having a biopsy ... there's no way you can tell if and when an atypical mole will ... The thing is, moles and melanoma are highly treatable WHEN... Read More »
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Q: How common is it that sunspots on the face are skin cancer? - Quo...
A: There are a number of different spots that appear with age and sun exposure. Most of them are ... Some as you mention can be precancerous or cancerous. ... He... Read More »
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Q: How to Tell If Moles Are Skin Cancer | eHow
A: How to Tell If Moles Are Skin Cancer. A mole that has been present for a long time, or suddenly appears, may be skin cancer. Not all moles are cancerous, but  ... Read More »
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Q: Does this mole look cancerous? - Quora
A: It not growing is good, but the edges are not smooth, so I'd see your doc, seriously discuss to ... These includes; having or had cancer previously, skin t... Read More »
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Q: Are there always clear signs that a previously benign mole has .....
A: Jan 29, 2012 ... There is a small risk for a melanoma to arise in a small congenital nevus (a mole that a person is born with, which is smaller than 1.5 cm in ... Read More »
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